5 Essential Tips for Staying Awake at the Wheel as a Truck Driver

Driving on a long lonely road can be tough, and especially more so if you have many miles behind you, and still more to go. Since it can be difficult

Driving on a long lonely road can be tough, and especially more so if you have many miles behind you, and still more to go.

Since it can be difficult to always have all the preventative measures in place, we have compiled a list of extra tips to help you stay awake at the wheel.

  • Open your Window

While this may seem trivial, if you are feeling sleepy a dose of fresh oxygen can do wonders for a tired mind. This is especially true if the air coming in through the open window is cool. The colder the air, the more effective the shock to your senses. Breathe in deeply and allow the fresh oxygen to flood your lungs.

  • Pull Over and Get Moving

So, you have tired the fresh air and now you are in need of some extra help to keep your mind alert. Pull over in a safe place and do some exercises. Some quick exercise can help to get your heart rate up and oxygenate your brain and body. If possible, an only if safe to do so, try the following quick exercises

–      Running around the vehicle

–      Jumping jacks

–      Squats and squat jumps

Generally, anything that will get your heart rate to soar, will help you in not needing to find the right lawyer if anything happens while driving on the road.

  • Awaken your Taste buds, Awaken your Mind

If you can, find something with a strong flavor to help revitalize yourself. Flavors that are tangy or tarty and help to give your taste buds a wakeup call. Try keeping a bag of lemon flavored hard candies handy, that way you can reach for one if you want a quick pick me up. However, beware of artificial sugars as they can give your glycemic index a massive drop after the sugar high. Try to find natural alternatives instead.

  • Let Music Keep you Awake

Yes, music can help to keep your mind awake but avoid anything that has a steady rhythm that could potentially lull you to sleep. Instead, try listening to music that you maybe dislike, music that has a fast tempo or a high frequency, or even songs that you can sing along out loud.

  • Listen to Audio Books, Podcasts or Talks

Listen to audiobooks that you find interesting. Avoid audio books that bore you as these could lull you to sleep faster than a lullaby. When you listen to a topic that interests you, you activate your mind. You are required to engage your mind while you listen to audio books, podcasts or talks that are instructional, motivational or inspirational. These are the best types to help keep you awake as they often contain many questions for you to answer as you listen along.

At the end of the end, you need to be aware of when your body and mind is telling you that the limit is approaching. And when you can feel that enough is enough, you need to give your body and mind the rest it needs (and deserves) during a long journey. You need to recognize when to rest, in order to keep yourself and everyone else safe.