Sponge Silicone Rubber – Wide Array of Uses in Industry

Sponge silicone rubber products are used in many industries for different applications. It holds much inherent quality making it suitable for all sor

Sponge silicone rubber products are used in many industries for different applications. It holds much inherent quality making it suitable for all sorts of purposes. It is not new in this field but it has been introducing in the field right from the 1940s. The best thing is that products made from sponge silicone rubber can easily withhold high-temperature resistance and other harsh condition. Sometimes, it is also preferred as foam rubber. Sponge silicone rubber products use has also expanded. It is also used in the field of food handling and medical applications. In the modern era, the importance of sponge silicone rubber products like sponge silicone cord, silicone foam tubing, sponge silicone rubber seal & gasket and cannot be ignored since it has been using for different purposes. 

History of Sponge Silicone Rubber

The first silicone sponge elastomers were developed in search of better insulating materials for generators and electric motors. The automotive industry finds it a quite important factor. Earlier, the products which were used were not able to go with the higher temperature while added into newer or smaller developed engines. But after the advent of sponge silicone rubber, it became easier. It can easily be used in the newer and smaller developed engines. 

Earlier, natural rubber was used to use instead of the sponge silicone rubber. Moreover, the natural rubber was not able to perform again high temperature and chemicals. In this context, it requires an elastomer, which would not break down in that condition or application while using. 

In the beginning, Silicone rubber foam was not used on a wide scale. Now, it is being used for a variety of purposes. Earlier, no one ever expected that one-day silicone rubber foam would be used on this scale. The companies are engaged in the mass production of this product. The demand for this product is increasing day-by-day. Businesses are looking for the best quality silicone rubber foam. 

Advantages of Sponge Silicone Rubber

  • sponge silicone rubber holds the capacity of bearing temperature range of -60 degree Celsius to 200 degree Celsius. It comes up with the facility of wide operating temperature. 
  • Sponge silicone is also used for water sealing. The closed structure is ideal for good water sealing having relatively low compressive forces.
  • It imparts an excellent compression set resistance even when it is having a higher temperature. It is good to use instead of going with a rubber material. Low compression set silicone sponges are even available to have better performance in comparison of general-purpose grades.
  • UV and ozone resistances factors also make sponges silicone rubber high in demand. Because of this feature, it is also used in various jobs for various purposes. The best thing is that it makes possible to have a long-term performance. 
  • Silicone sponge parts are ideal in comparison to some other products openly available. It comes up with the ability to be more durable.
  • It is also good for Outdoor gasketing. Sponge silicone rubber is used for outdoor things too since it can easily go with outdoor environment right form arctic to the desert easily
  • Talking about the common uses of silicone sponge, it is used for cushioning, extruded rubber gaskets and seal. 

What Are The Important Features Of Sponge Silicone Rubber

Silicone sponge products are generally manufactured from gum-based PMDS. It stands for Polydimethylsiloxane. There are many businesses using this Sponge Silicone Rubber to accomplish different applications. To put in simple words, the polymer is chemically expanded in case if heat is cured in order to create the closed cell sponge structure. You might be wondering about the definition of closed-cell. It is actually the cells non-interconnecting. It does not let water to wick all across the sponge. Apart from it, silicone sponge rubber also holds incredible mechanical properties making it different from others. They are generally regarded as a complete closed-cell structure. Let’s check out the prominent key features of silicone rubber mentioned below –

  • Sponge silicone rubber are long-lasting 
  • Because of the log life functional feature, they are preferred by many businesses
  • Superior finish makes it ideal to use for different purposes
  • It is manufactured following the standard methodology equipped with resistant-to-thermal-expansion 
  • It is used in various fields including Automobiles 
  • Dimensionally accuracy makes is perfect to opt
  • Optimum performance is another on the list making it ideal to go-ahead
  • It holds the features of consistent physical properties all across to its length

Sponge Silicone Rubber imparts various benefits associated with solid silicone. However, it would be in a bit more soft as well as compliant form. There are varieties of widths and thickness available and you can pick the right one accordingly. You need to let us know about the minimum length you want. Do not forget to check the specification while placing your order. You need to check about the Temperature Range, Hardness Of Silicone Sponge and Diameter. You may also go with the additional Information such as Temp and Elongation at Break. Do check the product description while buying to accumulate more information about the product.  

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Most people get puzzled that how to make or purchase sponge silicone rubber products? First, you need to choose the right supplier. Do share your requirement with the application as well as profile drawing or dimension and how much quantity do you need for your project? Moreover, you should have some understanding of what density and color shade you are looking for. 

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