Signs That Your Foundation Needs Repairing

The signs that your foundation needs repairing could be sitting right under your nose. That’s why you should read this and learn how to spot those sig

The signs that your foundation needs repairing could be sitting right under your nose. That’s why you should read this and learn how to spot those signs immediately. 

What Can You Do about Foundation Repairs?

If your foundation needs fixing, you should find a local waterproofing company that offers foundation repair services like crack filling.

If the foundation problems are severe, you may need to do a complete overhaul and get a new foundation. Look at this local company that offers masonry and poured foundation installations for homeowners in your position. Once you get this home improvement project over with, you can be confident that your foundation won’t be a problem for years.

What Are the Signs That Your Foundation Needs Fixing?


Most homeowners know that when they walk into their basement and see cracks in the cement or brick walls, they might need to arrange for repairs. That’s a common clue of a foundation problem. 

Cracks in the drywall on other levels can also be a clue that your foundation is shifting! You can usually spot them above doorways and window frames. 

Windows Sticking

Your windows are getting stuck, making them impossible to fully open or close. 

Your home can get “sticky” windows because you live somewhere with high humidity. The moisture can cause the wood in the frame to swell, which makes it harder to open or close the window smoothly. 

Older windows can also get stuck because they haven’t been cleaned or taken care of for a long time. You might see a huge improvement after doing some basic window maintenance and cleaning up the mess that’s been building up over the years. 

If those aren’t the causes for your sticky windows, then the likeliest cause is your foundation. The shifting foundation twists the frames, which prevents the windows from operating properly. 

Exterior Doors Sticking

The same problem can happen with your doors, too! If you find that your doors are sticking, even when it’s not humid out, it’s likely that your foundation is causing the door frames to shift out of position. 

Uneven Floors 

Another clue that your foundation is shifting and needs repairing is that your home has uneven, sagging floors. How can you test that your floors are uneven? The easiest way is to take a marble or golf ball and then lay it on the floor. If it rolls away, the floor is likely sloped — and the faster that it rolls, the bigger the slope is. 

Wallpaper Changes

Have you noticed that the wallpaper is mysteriously wrinkling? Folding? Tearing? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then it’s possible that your walls are slowly moving, and your foundation needs fixing. 


If you’re constantly fighting off a barrage of pests in your basement, then you could need foundation repairs. Why is that? First, cracks in your foundation are the perfect entry points for all sorts of pests. Second, cracks in the foundation allow groundwater to seep into your basement. Pests like cockroaches and centipedes are drawn to damp environments.   

Look at the signs of a pest infestation to see whether you’re dealing with this problem right now. You might need to call pest control and then a foundation repair company once they’re done.

Your home is giving you clues that something is wrong. It’s time to take the hint and fix your foundation!