Scholarship Programs to Get Admission to the University of Calgary

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a public research university. It is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The University is known to offer quality education to its students. There are currently 25,000 undergraduate students and about 6,000 graduate students studying at the University of Calgary. It has been consistently ranked as the best place to study and offers a world-class education. You can get this world-class education offered by University without paying the hefty tuition fee.

The University of Calgary is also known for the scholarship programs that it offers. The research grant of the University of Calgary comprises the vast percentage of the income, therefore, many students here receive the scholarships that help them to fund their tuition fee. University provides scholarships at different levels and to all the meritorious and deserving students.

The awards are highly competitive and can only be availed on scholastic achievement. It is important for a student to know about all the eligibility criteria that are required for a particular scholarship. A student can only apply to any of the award if a student has submitted an application form for the admission to the University and has received a University of Calgary student number (UCID).  The University of Calgary provides amazing opportunities to the international students as per which the awards are only eligible for the international students.

Scholarships for Undergraduates

At the University of Calgary, there are two types of scholarships which can be provided to the new undergraduate students. The international students can avail a full-time scholarship, all they have to do is to earn the most prestigious award. The entrance scholarships at the University of Calgary are frequent. It is awarded to the deserving students.
Following are the two categories of scholarships awarded by the University of Calgary to undergraduate students:

Schulich Leaders Scholarship
•    Scholarship Amount- $25,000 per year for four years
•    Number of Awards- 2
•    Eligibility- Must be an international student with a high academic record.
 Chancellor’s Club Scholarship
•    Scholarship Amount- $10,000 for four years
•    Number of Awards- Variable
•    Eligibility- Must be an international student with a high academic record.
It is important to know that there is no separate admission process for both the scholarships, all the students are considered for these scholarship awards.

Scholarships for Graduates

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There are many scholarships available to international graduate students who wish to study further and make a contribution in their fields. Though, the University of Calgary itself awards many scholarships to its graduate students but the Canadian government and the state government also provide scholarships to the meritorious students. Vanier and Alberta Scholarships are the two scholarships that are provided by the Canadian and State Government.

Dean’s International Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship
•    Scholarship Awards- $35,000
•    Degree Program- PhD
Vanier Scholarship
•    Scholarship Awards- $50,000 per year
•    Degree Program- PhD

Apart from these scholarships, University of Calgary provides various other scholarships that can be availed at different levels. A student can get all the necessary details on the official site of the University of Calgary. Also, you will get a lot more details about all such scholarships that can be availed. You just need to know your domain of interest and step into the same field, all the aid will be provided by the University of Calgary. 

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