13 Salesforce CRM Alternatives That Will Enhance Your Sales Process

Choosing the ideal CRM software for your business is often a challenging task. Whenever it comes to integrating a CRM software, Salesforce Automation

Choosing the ideal CRM software for your business is often a challenging task. Whenever it comes to integrating a CRM software, Salesforce Automation CRM often emerges as the top choice for many businesses. However, although Salesforce comes loaded with powerful features, it is quite heavy on the pocket. This is why it is important to consider some great alternatives to Salesforce CRM that are affordable yet feature-rich.  

Here we have listed the top 13 alternatives to Salesforce CRM after considering their ease of use, pricing, and pipeline management.


Being one of the best alternatives to Salesforce, ConvergeHub is easy to set up and cost-effective. It comes with an easily configurable and clean dashboard. This CRM software is created to adapt and grow as your business grows. You can also schedule business meetings and effectively close more deals in a hassle-free way. Moreover, this CRM Software allows you to launch, manage, and automate email campaigns seamlessly. 

Some of the key features of this CRM software include marketing automation, customer service analysis, and financial CRM. This software also provides email, phone, and live chat support.

Moreover, this all-in-one CRM platform includes marketing, sales, and service ensuring a unified customer experience. 


Freshsales is a great alternative for small or medium businesses. You don’t have to juggle multiple software as this CRM has everything you require to boost sales and revenue. 

  • Effective lead management
  • Build comprehensive customer profiles
  • Visual sales reports
  • Auto-profile enrichment 

Moreover, this CRM software uses AI-based lead scoring to effectively qualify sales leads. 

HubSpot Sales 

This cloud-based CRM platform has a free version for small businesses and startups like email marketing, form, meeting scheduler, and live chat software. The paid version has complex features for enterprise-level companies like engagement software, sales custom objects, sales analytics, and CPQ tools. It is also easy to use and intuitive with integration with 500+ tools in HubSpot’s App Marketplace.

Zoho CRM 

This end-to-end CRM software allows businesses to build multi-channel communication with their leads. Moreover, its AI-powered predictive score will enable you to qualify leads with high conversion possibilities. Some of its key features include –

  • Automated workflows
  • AI-driven sales prediction
  • Streamline lead management 


Pipedrive allows businesses to customize their sales processes to fit their buyer’s journeys. From streamlining pipeline management to delivering in-depth insight to guaranteeing data security, this CRM software has multiple benefits. It also assists with building a comprehensive buyer profile and integrating important details such as deal sizes, contact information, timelines, and others.


With this CRM software, you can align your sales and marketing efforts under a single platform. Some of the key features are –

  • Create multiple workflows as per your business needs and automate recurring tasks
  • Track open rates, click statistics, and email delivery in real-time
  • Effective datasets management 
  • Track and monitor relevant lead information and activities
  • Lead routing 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 

This enterprise-level CRM software offers data-driven insights that enable you to make smarter sales and marketing decisions while improving customer relationships. Key features include –

  • Data unification
  • Marketing and sales modules
  • Mobile integration 


Copper CRM is another robust CRM software specifically developed for G Suite users as it allows them to manage customers’ interactions easily without juggling multiple software. The CRM software also integrates with third-party applications such as Intuit, Zendesk, and Slack.


This powerful enterprise-level CRM comes with an AI-driven feature that allows businesses to create detailed customer profiles easily. From in-depth revenue analytics to AI-powered predictability to email integration, this CRM software does it all. 


If you want to automate time-consuming tasks like email marketing, contact management, and lead prioritization, then this CRM can benefit you greatly. It will assist you with which leads to focus on and how to drive customer interaction to improve sales.

Zendesk Sell 

This CRM software will automate day-to-day sales operations and enhance your business productivity. It will also enable you to create customized pipelines to gain greater visibility into your sales process.


This easy-to-use CRM software is meant for small B2B businesses. It comes with a visual pipeline feature and reminds sales reps about all upcoming tasks to ensure greater lead conversions. It will also ensure that you have all the customer contact information at your fingertips. 


This CRM software will come in handy for small businesses. It combines reputation management, marketing automation, and sales automation. It will also ensure that all of your customer contacts are centrally located with easy tagging, filtering, tracking, and searching features to facilitate better contact management. This CRM software will also identify channels that provide you with greater leads to ensure better marketing efforts. 

These affordable CRM software solutions have everything you may need for your business. If you want an all-in-one CRM software that is powerful yet affordable, contact us today.