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8 suggestions for reducing stress before exams.

Exams are a significant test, and there is nearly always tension associated with them that must be managed. Brief periods of stress can still be toler

Exams are a significant test, and there is nearly always tension associated with them that must be managed. Brief periods of stress can still be tolerated, but ongoing stress for almost a whole year is already challenging. Read How to Deal reducing stress before exams.

How to deal with exam stress

The difficulty of dealing with stress arises from the fact that it manifests itself differently for everyone, and therefore everyone copes with it in his or her own way. There is no magic cure for pre-exam stress, but there are ways that are great for making it easier to get through.

Think positively and get ready for the best.

Do not program yourself with negative thoughts such as how horrible it will be if you fail the exam or how upset your parents will be with you.  Start thinking positively, because everything starts with our internal attitudes. If you think you can handle it, you will. The phrase “I make every effort to attain a result, everything will absolutely work out” needs to be repeated to yourself more frequently. Remember to give yourself thanks for even modest accomplishments. Additionally, consider in advance how you will reward yourself in case of success. Imagine how after the exams you go to rest, for example, in Dubai. You will enjoy the beautiful weather, amazing views, or rent a car and go to explore the whole city. It is important to note that renting a car in Dubai is quite convenient because you should not have to pay tax on the car, pay for maintenance, or keep track of the insurance’s conditions. The benefit of car rental services is that you can select a car based on any criteria and for an unlimited amount of time. Depending on how long you intend to stay in the city, you can either use monthly car rental Dubai service or rent an automobile for one or more days. 

Imagine yourself in an exam. 

Try to correctly recreate the exam environment to lessen the chance that you will forget the content during the exam due to stress. Imagine yourself living this day step-by-step: you arrive, take a seat at your desk, open the envelope with the supplies, and so on. There will be less anxiety on that extremely important day if your exam preparation is more in-depth.

Pass practice exams.

The Olympic champion does not immediately appear at the Olympics and takes gold. Before that, he goes through many intermediate competitions. Imagine that the exam is a kind of Olympiad, and trial work is an opportunity to compete in simpler competitions and gain the necessary experience.

Have a rest.

If you spend all day studying and have not seen your buddies in a while, something is wrong and has to be fixed immediately! Our neurological system is not a machine that never stops, and for health the body needs to relax. Do you recall that rest is a shift of action, by the way? Move your body by swimming, dancing, or going to the gym. You’ll feel more energized as a result.

Healthy eating and good sleep.

Avoid drinking coffee-containing liquids and refrain from eating fast food during times of stress (pastries, milk and white chocolate, cookies, chips and other products). Try to consume more proteins, and swap unhealthy candies for honey and almonds. Your memory and focus will appreciate it! Greek yogurt, nuts, avocados, salmon, blueberries, and cinnamon are all excellent for memory, by the way. 

Don’t conceal your feelings.

You cannot be a machine, can you? You should not close yourself up and assume that no one will understand you since others often worry. Do not be afraid to appear upset; explain to your loved ones why you are concerned and what specifically about the exam frightens you.

Rest before the exam.

It is preferable to complete studying in the morning on the day of the exam. There will be no gain if you try to quickly pick up something you do not know. Get some rest, allow yourself to switch to something more pleasant and positive. In addition, most importantly, go to bed early. A proper rest before the exam is a guarantee that you will remember everything the next day, you will succeed, and you will not be very nervous.

Remember that a little excitement on the day of the exam is normal, it sets you up for victory, allows you to cheer up and in itself is not a reflection of stress. Moreover, after the exam, in any case, you will find a huge sigh of relief from the fact that everything is behind you.

We hope your tests go smoothly!

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