Reasons you should pursue data analytics in India

With initiatives like ‘Digital India’ and a continuous drive for digitalization, the Indian government hopes to drive India towards a new era of adv

With initiatives like ‘Digital India’ and a continuous drive for digitalization, the Indian government hopes to drive India towards a new era of advanced digital economy.

 This in turn has given rise to many new jobs based on digital technology and especially the growth is noticeable in the field of data science. Companies in India are investing a substantial amount of revenue on developing data driven business strategies and fields like business analytics course has received a boom.

Going by the current trends you must take note of such lucrative employment opportunities in India and here are the top three reasons you should consider building a career on analytics:

  • Demand outpacing supply

Near about 1.5 million engineers pass out in India every year. However, only a small fraction of it have the skills required for getting hired in the 3Billion dollar analytics industry of India. Moreover, the demand for talented data professionals has been increasing at a rapid scale.

For instance, there are more than 78K job openings for data analysts in India (according to Analytics India Mag) and the number is growing at a constant rate. Studies suggest that in 2020 there will be over 15K new jobs in the field of healthcare, 5000 in Cyber security and 4500 in Aviation!

  • Exciting new opportunities
    The prospect of a career in analytics is huge. You have the luxury to choose the field of you choice as data analysts are hired everywhere – Banking, Healthcare, Education, IT, e-commerce and even the governmental organizations like the department of defence or Investigation agencies are hiring data analysts because of a skilled data analyst’s ability to excavate important insights from a vast amount of unimportant data!

Moreover, a data analyst forms the core of an institution’s digital strategy. You will be working with cool job titles like HR analyst or ML expert and work in close co-operation with the executives as your role is vital. This in turn calls for immense growth and you have a real chance to make it big.

  • Work for the best and earn fat paycheques!
    In India, companies like Accenture, JP Morgan, Ernst & Young and Deloitte are constantly looking for talents in the analytics sector and once you are able to acquire skills from a business analytics course or a data analytics training , opportunities from such market leaders will land on your feet!

Moreover 11 Lakh is the average salary of a data analytics professional in India and given the rate of growth of the analytics industry in India, you can expect hefty pay packages at the very beginning of your career!

What should you do to pursue analytics in India?

Get into a training program from a reputed institute immediately. A business analytics course or a big data certification course will definitely prepare you for a career in analytics. Moreover, you should also cultivate your creativity and use it efficiently as a data analyst today has to constantly solve complicated puzzles and meet challenges every day!