10 Reasons Why Kickboxing Is A Must If You Want To Stay Fit

We are aware that not everyone is good enough to go to the gym and complete impossible training routines. However, there are many sports that keep yo

We are aware that not everyone is good enough to go to the gym and complete impossible training routines. However, there are many sports that keep you in shape while bringing many benefits to the body.

It is no longer necessary to climb into the ring to practice it, just go to the gym and expect great results in the short term.

It combines strength and endurance with aerobic exercises like punching the heavy bag. In addition, it has multiple positive effects that will surprise you.

1. You will burn a large number of calories.

A kickboxing class usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. This way, there is enough time to combine technique and combat. In addition, the training will be hard but fun. 

As any exercise begins with warm-up, you’ll jump into the fight, do push-ups, sit-ups and stretching. It is an activity in which all the muscles of our body work so we will burn a lot of calories. In a high intensity session you can burn up to 900 kcal, so kickboxing is a great ally in weight loss.

2. It tones all parts of the body.

As it is such a complete exercise, it reaches all the corners that concern us since you will tone legs, arms and abdomen.

3. Improves cardiovascular and respiratory function.

We know that all sports have healthy benefits for the body, but we were not aware that kickboxing was such a complete sport that it helps to improve cardiovascular and respiratory function.

4. You will end stress.

If you’ve had a bad day at work, all you need is a few bandages, gloves and the desire to forget everything by punching and kicking. Many studies reveal that people who practice this type of sport are better able to deal with everyday problems. Paradoxically, the more wasteful violence, the greater the feeling of peace you will have.

5. Release adrenaline!

We all know that releasing adrenaline is therapeutic. There’s nothing healthier than venting and freeing yourself from bad thoughts.

Throughout the days we accumulate tension and worries, but kickboxing will help us to release all those piles of negativity and turn them into confidence. It’s one of the best anti-stress therapies with great power to release adrenaline and boost your self-control.

6. Improve your self-esteem, your confidence and your reflexes.

If there is one thing about this sport, it is that the more you practice it, the more your reflexes will increase. Your reaction speed will improve with the passage of time, which besides being one of the most important things in contact sports, also positively affects your balance and your psychomotor capacity.

7. Improve concentration

During combat there are a lot of factors to watch out for. In addition to attacking, we must also avoid the blows of our adversary, anticipate his movements and learn to defend ourselves. That is why the focus on our opponent must be the same as the focus on ourselves. Another reason to be aware that Kickboxing brings both physical and psychological benefits.

8. You’ll be in a better mood

The psychological part of all this is that when we do sport we release hormones that stimulate our organism and makes us feel in a better mood. The desire to improve, the desire to surpass yourself and the rise in self-esteem that this sport implies, will make you grow in confidence and self-confidence. Who does not like to feel in a good mood and at the same time feel healthy?

9. It’s fashionable.

Lately many celebrities share in their social networks their devotion for this sport and teach us their exercise routines and training sessions. Adriana Lima managed to parade for Victoria’s secret after signing up for boxing after giving birth. Another case is Elena Perminova (@lenaperminova), Taylor Swift or singer Soraya. All have fallen for the charms of kickboxing.

10. The most complete sport!

The last reason is the set of all the above benefits. If you want a different sport, where you have fun while you exercise, where you burn calories, relieve stress, improve mood and increase confidence, all you have to do is sign up for Kickboxing.