Top 10 Reasons Why Fiji Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Fiji is a wonderful place that boasts of islands with white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and the sun shining way up in the sky. Also, it is an un

Fiji is a wonderful place that boasts of islands with white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and the sun shining way up in the sky. Also, it is an undiscovered paradise as not many people know exactly how superb it is. In Fiji, you would not find too many cars and manufacturing facilities, so you can get the chance to breathe clean, unpolluted air. It’s also good for our health. So, if you exist in a city in your home country, go to Fiji for a breath of fresh air. If you decide to spend your vacation outside, Fiji should be on top of your list and should be your next travel destination. So, let’s talk about why Fiji should be your next vacation destination:

1. History Of Fiji

Fiji is known for its bright indigenous culture and stunning beaches. The Fiji Islands are rich in history and legend. Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple in Nadi is a perfect example of how the colourful personalities of the Fijian people transcend to every inch of Fijian life. It’s the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere and the most colourful.

2. The Spa

When you walk into a spa in Fiji, you promptly feel relax with dazzling locations such as shoreline front cabanas, cliffside hotels with clearing sea views, overwater lodges and even rooftop rainforest treehouses.

What’s more, huge numbers of the spas in Fiji use local ingredients to make their moisturizers, scrubs and oils and the famous Pure Fiji products. Staff members are expertly qualified in a variety of treatment styles offering you the capacity to appreciate anything from a conventional Swedish massage to a traditional Fijian Bobo Massages.

3. The Landscape

The landscapes in Fiji are really quite different. A few areas of Fiji are flat, but such an extensive amount the islands are mountainous which was a surprise for us. From the lush rain forests on Vanua Levu and Taveuni to the flat sugarcane fields on Viti Levu, all combined with rivers and waterfalls crisscrossing the stunning islands. The towns and villages are reminiscent of beachside groups in India, which made us feel at home but gives a sense of the fascinating for others. The wealth of fruit trees, coconut, banana and mango, everywhere you look is astounding. There is truly so much free fruit that usually much of it goes to waste as it falls to the ground and rots.

4. Culture

Fiji was known as one of the most joyful nations on the earth, you will ever meet people who are all the more welcoming. Fijians have a casual way of life. That combines a traditional culture and a strong confidence in family and community. Fijian’s say Dua rather of knocking on an entryway and then wait for a reply. Also, as one of the world’s most secure and most friendly regions, with a culture that values children and a family-centred way of life, Fiji represents the ideal family getaway and the solitary explorer’s quintessential escape.

5. Cuisine

Fijian food has traditionally been very healthy. The four types of cuisines and food styles available in Fiji owe their origin to the main ethnic groups that live on the islands – Fijian, Indian, Chinese and European.

The local food is loaded with starchy foods, popular as the staple diet like eaten with beef, meat, cassava, yam and taro, fish, pork, and an assortment of fresh tropical vegetables and fruits. An ordinary Fijian meal consists of taro on the side beef or fried fish, boiled taro leaves topped with coconut cream, and starchy boiled cassava.

Meat or fish is most often served fried or curried in a coconut milk base that imparts a delicate creamy flavour to the dish. Seafood like lobsters and squid, crabs, giant prawns, tropical fruits such as bananas, coconuts and available in plenty and flavour as they can only at their freshest and most delicious.

6. Adventure

In Fiji, adventurous kids can run barefoot; ride billi rafts down a river and investigate caverns used by cannibals. View the remains of a fortified village at the Tavuni Hill Fort at Sigatoka. Sitting on a 100m ridge, it highlights remnants of old house establishments, a conciliatory stone and even human remains. Cross the road to the Kula Eco Park to see Fijian iguanas, native birds and turtles, or go sand boarding at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes. On the other hand, sign up for the half-day Sigatoka River Safari and go aboard a custom-built safari jet to visit authentic Fijian villages, participate in a kava ceremony and feast on a traditional Fijian lunch.

7. Great Destination For Scuba Diving

The brilliant clear waters of Fiji’s shores, the stunning corals, and all its natural wonders make it the perfect decision for swimming and scuba expeditions. Since Fiji has many islands, you’ll have a large number options to think on.

8. Ziplining On Viti Levu

Fly through the tropical rainforest at 40km an hour on a zipline. There are three ziplines on the foremost island of Viti Levu, which means one should never be too far away. The well known Sleeping Giant mountain in Sabeto Valley has above 1.3kms of ziplines, with 10 of those ranging from 80m to 160m. It’s an energizing, protected and fun environment for the whole family.

9. Fiji’s Hot Spring And Mud Pool

In Fiji, you will discover a number of natural attractions, like the hot springs and the mud pool. In the event that you like to warm up your body a little, the hot springs should be on top of your list. This is perfect for tourists who want to spend most of their time exposed to cold temperatures. Furthermore, if you haven’t tried diving into a mud pool yet, this is your opportunity to. You do not need to join the mud battle you simply have to get into the pool and cover yourself with warm mud.

10. Sigatoka River And Cave Safaris

This 15km journey up the Sigatoka Valley is more than just a jet-boat safari. Also, it is a rich cultural experience. Along the way, you will tour a Fijian village to discover about local traditions and legends, including a kava tradition at the village chief’s bure, accompanied by lunch and classical singing. Or, if you like touring Fiji’s largest cave system, Naihehe Caves, sign the family up for the Off-Road Cave Safari, which gets in caves that were once home to a cannibal tribe.

Final Words
Well, above mentioned steps provide you full details about the amazing destinations of Fiji. So, now don’t miss the chance to spend your vacation in Fiji.

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