Ready for a Mountain Drive? 5 Tips to Get You Ready

Sometimes all you need is a break from your monotonous routine — and what can be better than going on a trip to enjoy the breathtaking Mother Nature

Sometimes all you need is a break from your monotonous routine — and what can be better than going on a trip to enjoy the breathtaking Mother Nature

The reason why a drive on the mountains can be an ideal choice is that it not only gives you a chance to enjoy and indulge in nature’s raw beauty but also benefits you both mentally and physically. Did you know that visiting the mountains for just a few days can be enough to trigger weight loss?

That’s right! Statistics show that people living in the mountains are not obese because of the high altitude. So if you’re planning a road trip, you don’t have to go easy on your calorie intake or worry about getting fat!

Why Go Rocky

A mountain drive is also a great remedy for anyone suffering from breathing problems such as asthma. Inhaling clean mountain air – that is free from pollution and toxic fumes of the city – can cure respiratory problems. Furthermore, the lavender that grows at the base of mountains helps people fight depression and helps them sleep better.

Now packing your gear for a trip to the mountains can be a bit daunting if you are visiting these majestic hills for the first time. Making your way across narrow roads and steep hills can be very challenging, but by following some of our recommended tips you can make sure your trip remains both pleasant and safe as you enjoy and become one with the nature around you.

Here are our 5 tips to get you on the road:

Check Your Vehicle

As enchanting as the mountain terrain can be, it can be equally dangerous to travel in such areas. That is why you should make sure that the vehicle you are traveling in is in pristine condition.

Make sure that the brakes are working and the cooling and heating systems are in mint condition. Ensure that the windshield wipers are sturdy enough in case they need to be used excessively in rainy weather.

Check up on the battery performance and fix any problems that an exhaust system might be having. In case you are going to the mountains after a cold weather, your car will need extra tune ups.

Also have your vehicle’s tires inflated and keep a spare just in case you run into an accident during the trip.  

Watch Out for the Temperature

You need to keep an eye out and prevent your vehicle from overheating. This can most likely happen when you are traveling upward on steep hills, causing the engine to heat up and damage the car while you are traveling.

When you go up a steep hill, make sure your air conditioning is turned off as it puts more pressure onto the engine and causes it to heat up very quickly. You can also shift to a lower gear if you feel like your car is having trouble moving upward on the road. Maintaining a constant speed can lower the risk of your car overheating. A Defender 110 could be used on rocky terrains or wherever you choose to go on your adventure trip.

Plan Ahead for Emergencies

While traveling to these unknown terrains, you must be aware of the fact that you may be get into an accident at any moment. In order to avoid getting yourself stranded in the middle of the road with no help nearby, be sure to take the necessary precautions to stay one step ahead in this situation.

Pack extra food, clothes and water in case you get stuck alone on the road for hours. This way you won’t have to panic even if takes the help longer to arrive. You should also equip yourself with an emergency first aid kit and the necessary tools to repair any car damage — if you are a do-it-yourself guy!

Furthermore, before you travel, make sure that you let someone – a friend or a relative – know where you are headed and how long it will take you to arrive there. Make a deal, if you don’t arrive on the designated time, they will send out people to come get you.

Fill up to the Brim

Most newbies don’t know this unless they ask someone who frequently travels uphill on the mountains: when driving up a steep hill, having more fuel than that needed for a normal drive, is an absolute requirement.

Mountainous areas will have a scarcity of gas stations and there most likely won’t be any cell phone service you can count on. So fill your car up to the maximum in order to avoid any hiccups during your journey.

Avoid Using Brakes Downhill

Don’t get tempted to zoom down the hill just out of excitement — it can be very dangerous. Likewise, don’t use abrupt continuous brakes either. When heading downhill, shift to a lower gear so you can avoid using brakes midway on the road. Downshift the car gears to S or L if your car has an automatic transmission. There is no harm in using brakes when necessary, but if you smell something burning, stop the car immediately. Proceed with caution only when the burning smell has died down.

Of course, the most important part of this whole journey is to wind down and have fun. And with these helpful tips you are surely going to have one hell of a ride!