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Why Python Has Become an Industry Favourite Among Programmers?

As there are a number of programming languages to learn, a novice programmer has to choose a programming language that could help him to speed up in h

As there are a number of programming languages to learn, a novice programmer has to choose a programming language that could help him to speed up in his/her professional career and deal with programming adventure with great comfort. Today, we will talk about the Python language.

Python  graph

The Python is a very popular programming language which is used by companies, business organisations, individual programmers, the American space agency NASA, YouTube, Google, Dropbox, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Quora, Pinterest, Disqus, Netflix and Reddit. It is a high-level language with a very simple syntax. The Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum created its first version in 1991.

This flexible programming language can be used for object-oriented, structural, and functional coding. Many individuals say that Python is similar to Perl in many respects. This programming language ensures greater simplicity and clarity of syntax as it uses dynamic types and all values are passed through references. With this language, you can create amazing websites and desktop, web and script applications.

Let’s understand why Python is popular among programmers and coders.


Python has almost intuitive syntax (way of writing commands understood by a computer using a given programming language) and is easy to learn. Syntax resembles the elements of “real life” and every beginner can easily understand its keywords. You can give Python commands in the code blocks and learn good habits of making indentations in the code. So, the Python code is nice, clear and transparent to all. Python Online Course Toronto can help you learn the basics of this language in an easy way and with live examples.

Fast Learning

It is easier to learn the basics of Python Coding. Just install Python and start coding yourself. When you initiate the console and enter python you are greeted by the prompt (>>>) “enter something, try me out!” There is no need to select a program, environment, and compiler versions. If you do not want to install Python, but try your hand at the console, then use Python shell online or repl.it.

Python is Efficient

All leading companies and brands unanimously agree that Big Data is the key to ultimate success in the future. The more you need to process, the more efficient you need to be to manage the consumed resources and improve the performance of the code.

Python provides generators both expressions and functions and generators enable data processing element by element. A large amount of data consumes a lot of memory.

The generators allow you to retrieve data from one source element and pass them easily through the entire processing chain, bypassing the mechanism associated with storing the iterated list. Novice developers and coders can Learn Python Programming Toronto to boost their skills of data processing and provide solutions to business organisations and customers in an easy way.

Python Job Opportunities & Lucrative Salary Packages

Skills Average salaries in America Monthly jobs advertised
Python US$116,379 6,550
Ruby US$115,005 1,080
Java US$112,592 10,443
Perl US$111,928 1,398
C++ US$108,123 3,567
JavaScript US$103,503 8,764
C# US$101,715 4,101
PHP US$94,690 1,664
ASP.NET US$95,551 1,289
C US$95,166 5,639

Job Opportunities & Lucrative Salary PackagesOne of the main reasons why people change jobs frequently is the desire to earn more. You will be surprised to know that Python is currently the second highest paid language in the USA.

Job Opportunities & Lucrative Salary PackagesIf you have a better command over Python language, lots of job opportunities will come in your way.

Possibilities in Different Industries

Python is used in different industries. Some of them are:

Industries Use of Python
Cybersecurity You can easily deal with ethical hacking, penetration testing, security systems analysis, and software development using Python.
IoT Use Python and make a few gadgets yourself in a professional manner.
Marketing To extract and analyse about users from own data or using Facebook APIs, Google, Twitter, etc and make improvements in business marketing campaigns.
Science Python facilitates data processing both on the mathematical and statistical level, extracting informative parts from the results of laboratory experiments, genomics, chemistry, geoinformation, etc.
Quality Assurance (QA) Software testing, Automated tests, Debugging, etc.
Statistics Python is widely used for Data Scientist positions.
Machine learning and AI These two are related to the processing of huge amounts of data every day. It is said that Python is the future of Machine learning and AI.
Web Development Python frameworks are very popular among web developers. They facilitate the process of writing the server-side application code in Python, which runs on the server, not on users’ devices and browsers.


Python teaches a style based on object-oriented programming, which allows you to create multi-module applications easily and quickly and share the code with the project team. With Python, you can create your own modules and sell them on the digital landscape.

Final Verdict

Many coders speak in favour of Python and treat it as an interesting language to learn programming. Its simplicity and diversity allow you to learn coding easily and quickly and become a full-time professional. You can avail Python Language Course in Toronto to start your career as a novice code and get the speedy success in a few days. Good Luck!

Author Bio : Junaith Petersen works as a writer and has a Master’s Degree in data science engineering & Mathematics. She has been associated with Lantern Institute which provides Best Python Course In Toronto.