The Pros and Cons of Owning an Old RV: What You Need to Know

An old RV can be like an old friend. You have had many adventures together and built many good memories. However, unlike an old friend, there comes a

An old RV can be like an old friend. You have had many adventures together and built many good memories. However, unlike an old friend, there comes a time when you know that you need to say goodbye to your RV. In its case, the passage of the years does not increase the value of your bond. 

Owning an old RV has both pros and cons. One of the questions you will probably face at some point is whether to keep it or sell it. 

How Old Is Too Old?

The first question you will probably ask is, How old is too old? They say age is just a number, and this is true with RVs. The real question is how well the RV has been maintained. The condition of the RV is the biggest factor in determining the life that it has left. 

The idea of owning a “vintage” camper can be appealing to some, but beware that it also means some difficulty when doing repairs. If you own an old RV and need to get parts, they might be challenging to find. When you do find them, you might have to pay a premium, and then, there is the problem of finding someone to fix it. This might not intimidate you if you are the DIY type of person who does not mind spending the entire weekend making a repair. 

Pros and Cons of Old RVs

One of the main pros of keeping an old RV is that you do not have the expense of a new one. Also, insurance on them is often less expensive because the replacement value is less. You are also familiar with their operation and how they handle on the road, but there are other considerations, too. 

How well you have maintained your RV is the key factor in whether you should keep it or consider selling it. Even if it is in good shape now, sooner or later, something will break and need to be repaired. This could make the prospects of selling the old RV and buying a newer one a little more enticing. 

Your old RV is not getting any younger, and if it no longer runs, you have to face the reality of whether you will really get it fixed or not. Chances are that if it has been sitting unused for some time, the reality is that you will probably never get it back on the road again. Also, as it continues to sit, it is more likley to incur water damage or other serious issues. 

Another consideration is that with each passing year, your RV loses value. Even if you claim that it is properly maintained, you will need documentation and receipts to show what has been done. This is still no guarantee that you will get anything more than the book price for the RV. 

One thing you need to be aware of is that some RV parks have what is known as the 10-year rule. This means that they will not allow RVs over ten years old in their park because they feel it is a risk to other guests. Even if your rig is in excellent condition, this rule still applies in some parks. 

It might be tempting to keep your old RV to avoid the expense of buying a new one, but this also means you are missing out on technology and upgrades. Newer RVs are often more energy efficient and have newer appliances. They also come with modern perks, like Wi-Fi hotspots, upgraded navigation, infotainment systems, and advanced safety equipment. Buying a new RV can let you have a greater level of comfort on your trip, and you can use the money from selling the old one to finance your new rig. 

What to Do with Your Old RV

If, after careful consideration, you have decided to sell your old RV, the next question is how to do it. If you try to sell your RV on your own, you might find that many buyers are aware of the risks of buying an old RV and are not willing to take them on. This is especially true if your old rig is not in the best shape. 

You could always try to sell it to a dealer and have them take it as a trade-in. The challenge with this route is that many dealerships will not take RVs older than a certain year. They will also deduct any damage from the price you are offered. 

Bottom Line

If your RV is over 10 years old, or it is not in good condition, one of the best options might be to sell it to a business that specializes in buying and selling old RVs. A junk RV dealer can often give you cash for motorhome sales the same day, and you do not have the hassle of finding a buyer yourself. This is a convenient way to get quick cash for your old RV and money you can use to fund your next rig or big adventure.