Pros and Cons of WordPress Hosting Plans

Recently, there are many web hosting providers that offer a new service named WordPress hosting plans. This new service targets website owners who u

Recently, there are many web hosting providers that offer a new service named WordPress hosting plans. This new service targets website owners who use CMS WordPress. Up to now, CMS WordPress users are ranked first as CMS with the biggest number of users in the world. So, what is actually WordPress hosting and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Here is complete information about it.

What Are WordPress Hosting Plans?

WordPress hosting plans are the newest generation of hosting services that is specifically made for CMS WordPress users. So, website owners do not have to be bothered in managing slow page speed, website security, and limited resources. Website owners only need to focus on their websites with quality content and SEO WordPress things. Shortly, this WordPress hosting is used to maximize CMS WordPress start from the server hosting until WordPress setting. WordPress hosting can also be called managed WordPress hosting.

One of the reasons why you should use WordPress hosting is the server is already managed by the expert team from the hosting provider. So, you do not have to doubt the capability. You just need to focus on the website you run.

The Pros of WordPress Hosting Plans

Below are the benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to use WordPress hosting.

  • Fast

Websites with quick access are a dream of all website owners. One of the biggest factors which influence the speed of website is the server used. By using WordPress hosting, the website load will be quicker compared to shared hosting or cloud hosting standards even though your website traffic is crowded.

  • Safe

The security of Website WordPress Standards is actually already guaranteed. However, there are still many hackers who attack CMS WordPress-based websites because there are a lot of users. By using WordPress hosting, your website will be more secured from cybercrime.

  • Automatic Update

If you use shared hosting or cloud hosting, the update feature on WordPress is manually used. It means that you have to update your website by yourself, from WordPress versions, plugin, and PHP used. But, you do not have to manually update those all if you use WordPress hosting. Everything will be automatically updated by the system.

  • Downtime-Free

Downtime is one of the classic problems in a server. If downtime happens, your website will not be able to be accessed so that this will bring bad effects to your business. With WordPress hosting, such a problem can be handled even when the traffic is crowded.

  • Regular Backups

In order to enjoy this advantage, you will usually have to pay an additional cost. But if you choose WordPress hosting package, you can have this regular backup service for free. You can backup daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on which WordPress hosting package you buy.

  • Expert Team Support

This is the main benefit of using WordPress hosting. You just need to enter your username and password, then the domain can be directly installed. You do not have to log into cPanel then add domain and install WordPress. Besides, you will also be helped in CMS WordPress optimization so that it will be quicker. With WordPress hosting, everything can be done easily.

The Cons of WordPress Hosting Plans

Just like any other things, the pros of WordPress hosting come along with the cons. Here are the disadvantages of WordPress hosting service.

  • More Pricey

WordPress hosting is more pricey than shared hosting and cloud hosting. However, the expensive price is worth the features offered by WordPress hosting. For VPS WordPress hosting, the price ranges from $20 per month to $70 per month.

  • Limited for CMS WordPress

Unfortunately, this WordPress hosting is limited only for CMS WordPress. If you are planning to create a website other than using WordPress, it will be better if you use cloud hosting or VPS hosting because there is no limitation in installing website platform.

  • Lack of Full Control

Because WordPress hosting is fully managed by the provider, then you will not be able to have full control over hosting owned from all technical and non-technical aspects.

Those are the pros and cons of WordPress hosting plans. If you want to focus only on running your website, it is a great idea to choose WordPress hosting. With the price that is not really way more expensive than cloud hosting, you can enjoy many beneficial features. With this service, you will not face complicated things. Are you interested in using this WordPress hosting service?

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