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Prepare your best with these IPMAT entrance test tips

How we fare in an exam depends on the preparation that goes into it before the test day. Right from the beginning of their schooling journey, students

How we fare in an exam depends on the preparation that goes into it before the test day. Right from the beginning of their schooling journey, students learn to appear in exams that test their abilities and prove their capability to others. No matter how many exams a student appears at school or junior college, national entrance exams are a different league altogether. National entrance tests are large-scale competitive exams that are tough to crack. These entrance tests have the power to determine the entire course of your professional career and require a high level of preparation.

Most of these national-level entrance exams are held at the 10+2 level for students graduating from class XII. While it is not usual for 10+2 students to appear for a management studies program right after school, Indian premier institutions lead the way in this.

IPM Mock Test or Integrated Program in Management is a program that combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies in management for the students. Select IIM institutions offer the Integrated Program in Management in India. The IIMs choose the program’s qualified students through a national entrance test designed to test the various aptitudes of the appearing examinees. IPMAT Coaching  is a highly competitive test, and it needs foolproof preparation from your side. The exam is an elite one, given that it can earn you a seat in the prestigious academic halls of IIM right from the beginning of your higher education career.

The IPMAT test pattern


Before getting ready to face a challenge, a person must thoroughly know what he is up for. Knowing the test pattern of IPMAT is half the battle won because you know the type of questions in the test and can prepare accordingly.

The test pattern of the IPMAT has three sections. The paper majorly focuses on the quantitative abilities of the examinee. Forty questions of multiple choice type revolving around quantitative abilities come in the paper. Twenty short answer questions also come from quantitative abilities subject. The examinee gets forty minutes each for each section. The rest of the questions that is 40 questions judge the student’s verbal ability. The last section also comes with a time limit of forty minutes.

Each question has four marks for each right answer. However, in case there is a wrong answer, you get a negative marking of one mark. A student must prepare to put in the hard work and the smartness needed to avoid the negative score trap.

Tips to swear by when preparing for IPMAT


Here are a few tips to help you prepare for IPMAT this year. Apart from covering the three sections equally well, these small tips help you gain a clear perspective before the final test.

  • Practice both MCQs and short answers-

The IPMAT pattern has both MCQs and short answer questions. If you want to succeed in IPMAT, give equal importance to both types of questions. Prepare well for short answers and reduce the solving time so that you can increase your answering speed. MCQs can be tricky and should be practiced every day. Similarly, do not avoid some subtopics just because they are not your strengths. Practice every topic thoroughly. Even the verbal ability section has weightage in the final score.

  • Find a balance between self-study and coaching-

Today, students can prepare for national tests like IPMAT at a good coaching centre in the country. A good coach and mentor show you the right way to success. However, it is important to balance out the coaching with self-study. You are the one appearing for the exam. Without proper self-study, the concepts of exam topics do not stay in your mind. Only with the right balance of coaching and self-study, a person successfully cracks the IPMAT.

  • Make a time table and stick to it-

Any kind of detailed preparation before a national-level examination like IPMAT needs discipline. The first step to inculcating discipline is making a study routine and sticking to it for the entire prep duration. Make a timetable that helps you stay organized. The routine should cover all the test topics regularly so that you are ready for the test by the end of the preparation period. The timetable helps you track your preparation progress on your own.

End Note

IPMAT is a national-level entrance test hosted by one of the country’s most prestigious management education institutes. Lakhs of students compete every year to crack the exam and get into IIM. To ensure that you are in the top tier of the selected students, your preparation needs to be solid.