The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Cruise Event

Cruises are the perfect way to celebrate your next big occasion. Whether that’s a wedding, formal, corporate meeting, training event or just some impr

Cruises are the perfect way to celebrate your next big occasion. Whether that’s a wedding, formal, corporate meeting, training event or just some impressive transport to another venue. The gorgeous setting of a harbour will charge your event with memories that are going to last a lifetime for everyone that attends. You could sail under the perfect midday sun, into a lazy afternoon or even watch the sun go down in one of the most incredible sunset scenes ever, sounds pretty idyllic right? Once you’ve made the very wise decision to host an event on the harbour, its time to get planning! Here’s what you need to consider when you’re putting together that unforgettable occasion…

Know your budget

The first thing you need to establish before planning any event is your budget. This is going to determine pretty much everything going forward, so don’t leave it to the last minute! Break down what you have into essential categories like catering, bar/drinks, decorations, music and games if you need them. Make a rough estimate of how much you need to dedicate to each essential section and work from there! Of course, securing your venue is the most important of all, and the right ferry or cruise ship should be able to lend a helping hand for all the above categories. Which brings us to finding your events provider…

Shop around

Finding the right host for your water-bound event can be tricky, there are quite a few options out there. Sydney Harbour is one of the best backdrops in the whole world, so boats and events out on the water are very common. Have a good nose around to find the right company for you! Look into their reviews on Google and social media or ask around! Someone in your professional network or social circle has most likely been on a harbour event, and it’s great to get an opinion from someone you trust.

Look into packages

Once you have compiled a list of potential hosts, look into whether they can offer you an events package! This saves you all the aches and pains of party planning and allows you to get on and deal with invites, pick up spots and event times, perfect! These packages can include event staff, platters, bar service, lights, DJs, entertainment and more, literally taking all the effort out of hosting an event!

Establish your theme

You’ve secured your provider, you’ve got a package and you know your budget, now what? Pick a theme of course! Although you will be out on the water, sometimes you need to create a cohesive and stylish mood with your catering, music and decorations. For weddings or formals this is a lot more important, maybe opt for a contemporary, sleek vibe or lean into the water theme and go nautical or beachy! For events or training days this section is less essential, but it is always fun to make that extra bit of effort when you’re putting together a special day.

Map your experience  

Floating around the harbour is what dreams are made of, but it takes a little bit of realistic planning to actually get you there. Map out where you want to see and where your pick up/drop off points will be. For this, it’s best to get the opinion of your attendees, it’s an experience for everyone after all.

Planning an amazing event on the harbour should be a pain-free, enjoyable experience! Check out a few options for Sydney harbour cruises and grab a package that works for you, get ready to enjoy the event of a lifetime!