What Are the New Ways People Can Use Technology to Change the World?

Technology to Changes - We are certainly in the golden age of technological advancement. Humans have taken more technological strides forward in the p

Technology to Changes – We are certainly in the golden age of technological advancement. Humans have taken more technological strides forward in the past 100 years than they have in all the years of their existence before. Such rapid technological advancement has changed the world altogether. Human life has never been easier as it is now, you can travel from one side of the planet to the other in a matter of hours when it took months for the same during the start of the last century. You can take anyone you want from anywhere, face to face, with the help of the internet and smartphones. You can no longer just print words and pictures on paper, but can also print three-dimensional objects. And not to forget, recreational space travel is now a reality.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about all this is the innovation that is happening around the world right now. In a few years, all the things that make you go wow now will become so normal. Therefore, it is challenging to pinpoint what technology to changes that humans might use to change the world and how. Although, one can always guess. And a lot many experts have come up with the same guesses, two of them in fact – Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things.

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Artificial Intelligence

Experts have been split right down on the middle on how safe dabbling with artificial intelligence is, but one thing all experts agree on is the unlimited capacity it holds. In fact, the very fear of artificial intelligence comes from its untapped potential. While the intelligence of the human brain is undisputedly number one now, it may not be so in a few years. Years from now, artificial intelligence will be created that is as smart as an average human, and will probably not have the shortcomings that a brain does such as limited memory power or processing ability. And that day will be the true litmus test for this technology. All that is years into the future but artificial intelligence are already changing the world right now. For example – Google Assistant. It is a smart virtual assistant that is available on every smartphone. It can listen to voice commands; do actions such as call people, set up reminders, and a whole lot more. The best thing about it is a fact; it is getting smarter every day with the help of machine learning. Machine learning enables software to learn from its previous mistakes and correct itself, this process is perhaps the essential aspect of any intelligence, and the fact that software can already do that is mind-boggling.

Internet of Things

Imagine your phone, TV, AC, Car, Washing Machine and just about every other electronic device you own connected to each other. Your phone can let your AC know that you are about to reach home, and your AC will turn itself on. Or your refrigerator can send you notifications when you are running low on particular groceries etc. It does not just stop there, every other electronic item could be connected to one single network called the Internet of Things, and this network could completely change the way humans live. A lot of the work that is now done manually would become automatic, saving you a lot of time and energy. IOT is not just about making your life easy; it would also revolutionize every industry and every other process that is being done by humans currently.

As you might have guessed, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence have a close relationship with each other; these two technologies can change the world as no other technology to changes can. The future of the world is indeed bright.

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