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In this particular article section of Netgear router support, we intended to answer some of the most important and frequently asked questions related to Netgear routers.

Lost or can not use Netgear router configuration CD: What to do?

The configuration or installation CD is not required to configure or install your Netgear wired/wireless router. The setup wizard present in the router management interface works the same as the smart wizard present on the installation CD

Can router login username change to something other than admin?

No, you cannot change the router login username. Only you have the rights to change the admin password.

How to physically connect the Netgear router?

1. Remove any of the cable connecting the modem to the desktop or laptop. Now power up the modem by plugging in the power adapter and let the LEDs light got stable.
2. Now connect your Netgear router with the modem. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the modem’s ethernet port and another end into the Netgear wireless router’s Internet port. The internet port is of yellow in colour.
3. Try to connect the router with your desktop or laptop. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the desktop or laptop’s Ethernet port and the other end into any of the router’s four LAN ports.
4. Plugin the router power adapter and let the LEDs light got stable.

How to Upgrade Netgear router firmware?

1. To upgrade Netgear router firmware follow the below-mentioned steps:
2. Launch a web browser from your desktop or laptop that is already connected with your Netgear router’s network.
3. In the web address or URL bar type, and then tap Enter key.
4. Now mention the username and password.
5. Choose ADVANCED >>> ADMINISTRATION >>> Firmware Update or Router Update.
6. Click on Check button.
7. The router will check for the latest new firmware if any available click on Yes.
8. The firmware will automatically download and install. Once it has done the router device will automatically restart or reboots.

How to reset Netgear router back to default factory restore?

A default factory restores or resets deletes all the personalized settings including the user name, password, WiFi SSID network name, and security settings.
1. Check the router’s power LED light is on or not.
2. On the backside of the router, you will find the reset or restore factory settings button.
3. If there is any reset hole try paper clip or pointed pen to press the button present inside the hole for about seven seconds.
4. Once the LED lights start flickering pull out the paper pin or pointed pen.

Our purpose behind this particular article section is to assist you with the best answers related to the Netgear FAQs. If somehow still you have sort of query or doubt regarding the Netgear router, feel free to share with us through comments. Our highly specialized and talented technical support experts are always here to answers all your questions related to Netgear router all models.

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