Netflix Beats HBO As Number One for Series Worldwide

 It is a bold statement to make, but Netflix is becoming one of the world’s numbers of places to watch series. HBO is arguably a contender, but a

 It is a bold statement to make, but Netflix is becoming one of the world’s numbers of places to watch series. HBO is arguably a contender, but as the company has out so many geolocation restrictions on their site that the obsession has harmed the series giant’s competitiveness versus their arch-rivals Netflix. At the moment Netflix is available in over 190 countries compared to just 50 for HBO.

HBO does manage to get 35 million subscribers, but Netflix boasts 130 million customers. As Netflix has so many series it stands to reason series stand a much better chance of success with the online internet movies and series giant.

One of the reasons Netflix has marked global success is because series are not just specific to an American audience. India has a huge market for series, the UK is also right up there as it’s series and movie making industry continues to spawn more talented actors. Pretty much every country that Netflix operates in has started to increase their video production capabilities as series local to the country Netflix operates stand every chance of success.

In countries that rarely have any new series, there has been a rise in new productions. Locals love to watch series that are homebred. Obviously watching series such as Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are entertaining, but there is nothing like a series that hits home because of the cultural aspects that people can relate to. Plus, there is no language barrier.

An example of this is the UK. British humor is such that people in the US do not really understand some of the jokes and sarcasm in British dramas. However, people in the UK love this kind of humor and so naturally British citizens will flock to these kinds of series.

Italy is another good example where catalogoNetflix has become incredibly popular. The Sicilian culture, Catholic religion, love for football (soccer), good, and strict culture. When it comes to marriage are all reflected in their own homegrown series productions as well as Italian movies that have been released.

In fact, Netflix has a number of titles in the suggested world movies section. Where their production has been so popular in Italy that these movies and series are now available on the global Netflix sections. Check out Suburra, Gianni e le Donne, and IlConformista to name just a few. Make sure you check out the Netflix catalog for Italian movies, and if you want the local Italian Netflix channels for a taste of Italy, then use a VPN that has an Italian server you can access.

Last but not least, we have mention Bollywood. The largest movie industry in the world. Yes, that’s correct. The Indian movie industry is not only popular worldwide as so many Indians live worldwide. But there are also 1.4 billion Indians in India. Compared to the that has 65 million, or the USA that has 250 million, India eclipses all of these markers. It is not wondering Bollywood has made it to the top of the table. When it comes to the number of movies released every year and overall popularity.