Camping Destinations near Bangalore You Must Visit with Your Roommate

One of the best ways to detach, unwind and rejuvenate is to spend time with a friend in Nature. The greenery, quiet, and back-to-basics locale can be

One of the best ways to detach, unwind and rejuvenate is to spend time with a friend in Nature. The greenery, quiet, and back-to-basics locale can be a great way to calm the spirits. Staying in a place with no internet can be a boon if you are looking to take a break from your hectic schedule. Going camping with your roommate from your PG in Bangalore is easier than you think especially since you are used to each other’s company.

Here are 4 great places you and your RoomMate can go camping to from Bangalore:

  1. Manchinbele

Manchinbele is located just an hour from Bangalore city and offers some of the best adventure thrills. The location is near a water body, and there are many activities on both land and water that will entice even the most adventurous soul. You can try your hand at various activities such as kayaking, sailing, kayaking, and trekking amongst others. There are many campsites coordinated by well-reputed companies that you could choose from if you are headed to Manchinbele. While you can be sure to find quality gear at these camping sites, you should call ahead to learn more about the facilities provided.

  1. Kalhatti

Kalhatti is located around 4 four and a half hours from Bangalore near Kadur. It is well known among enthusiasts as one of the most picturesque camping spots. You will be regaled with stunning views of the Nilgiris. Apart from having rich and diverse flora and fauna, the added appeal of Kalhatti is the Kalhatti falls. The forests surrounding the region are rich with cardamom trees which infuse the air with a slightly sweet smell. Do not forget to pack your camping gear when making a trip to Kalhatti.

  1. Bananthimari Betta

Since Bananthi betta is not as popular as the other destinations, you can be sure of finding some quiet time. Located only 65km from the heart of the bustling city, this quiet little hamlet is starting to see an increase in tourism due to its many hiking trails. Bananthimari betta is just under 5km from Kanakapura. The two hillocks provide a scenic trek up the hill that begins at the Bananthimari temple at the base. The peak is a flat rock surface where you can pitch your tent and enjoy the breath-taking views of the landscape around the hill.

  1. Wayanad

Waynad is just over 300km from Bangalore city and is located at the edge of the Bandipur wildlife sanctuary. There are many attractions in Wayanad from the Kalanidhi River to the Wayanad caves and many waterfalls in the area. There are many camping choices in Wayanad from camping in a cave to a night camp with a bonfire under the stars. The more adventurous can trek, zip-line, or even try their hand at off-road cycling. With many camping grounds in the area, you will be spoilt for choice.

There are many great camping choices available just outside of Bangalore. Make sure you do your research before choosing a destination. Check beforehand what the campsite includes and make a detailed list of all the things that you will have to carry yourself. Whether you stay in a PG in Electronic City or have chosen a shared apartment in Bangalore, camping is an experience that is sure to bring you and your roommates closer.