Tending to Your Wellbeing: When Should You Go See a Doctor After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Not every auto accident will require the victim to see a doctor immediately, however, you should see your doctor immediately, if you notice any pain o

Not every auto accident will require the victim to see a doctor immediately, however, you should see your doctor immediately, if you notice any pain or hindrances to your ability to perform regular tasks. Even if you think the whiplash from the accident will subside, you still have to see a doctor because you might never know the extent of damage caused by such accidents internally, in your body.  

Reasons Why You Need to See A Doctor Immediately After a Motor Vehicle Accident

The shock most people experience after the accident may lead to missed delayed symptoms. As a matter of fact, most symptoms of car accidents only show up a few hours or days later. No matter how minor or severe the impact of the accident is, you should see a doctor to examine both your internal and external body parts. Don’t just assume that you are fine, get a medical exam before taking further steps

Effects of accidents may not show up immediately. When the body senses a potential danger, it will release adrenalin hormones immediately in order to prepare your body for a flight or fight response. In this situation, Adrenalin will also block the pain receptors in the body, hence you may not feel the impact of the accident until the Adrenalin supply, subsides.

Due to the release of Adrenalin, you may actually feel a minor pain after a motor vehicle accident but the impact on your body may be a major one. Car accident victims who delay seeing a medical doctor after an accident may discover that the injuries are becoming worse and that means they may become more difficult to treat.

Delaying Your Medical Treatment May Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

In as much as you are in a hurry to get a Personal Injury Attorney to help you prepare a personal injury claim, it is more important to seek medical attention before any other thing. The insurance service provider of the guilty party must be compelled by a Personal Injury Attorney to compensate you adequately for injuries sustained after the accident and that is if you can show and convince them through medical records.  

It is important to note that no insurance service provider will compensate the victim of a motor vehicle accident without reviewing the victim’s medical records. The Insurance company adjuster must have a look at your treatment bills and records to determine if the injuries actually existed. He will also check out the dates when your treatments were performed. If you had waited for a while to see a doctor after a car accident, it will raise a serious question about your qualification for personal injury compensation.

The main objective of the insurance company of the guilty party is to reduce the cost of the settlement, as much as possible, and delaying your medical treatment will surely help the insurance company achieve such. Your Personal Injury Attorney may likely ask for your medical records after an accident, in order to prepare a strong case and increase your chances of qualifying for adequate compensation.

The insurance adjuster may argue that the injuries sustained are not as serious as you claimed because if they were serious, you would have sought medical attention immediately after the accident. The insurance adjuster may also want to prove that there is no evidence that injuries were sustained as a result of the auto accident. You will need a Personal Injury Lawyer to counter the claims made by the insurance adjuster in order to get adequate compensation.

To avoid the insurance adjuster looking for loopholes in your claims, you must proof the accident was not caused by your act of negligence and you got treated immediately after sustaining injuries.

What kind of Tests Do You Need to Show Your Personal Injury Attorney?

There are basically three tests that will be ordered on you, to confirm your extent of injuries after a Motor car accident. X-rays are the first series of tests you will need to have. X-rays are typically used to detect bone fractures caused by an accident. The radiation produced by the X-ray machine can penetrate through soft tissues of the body but cannot penetrate through the bone. The shadowy white and black images generated by X-rays can help detect broken bones. If X-rays confirms broken bones in your body, your chances of getting higher compensations for a motor car injury are very high.

The CT scan is another test conducted on a motor car accident victim. This test result will also be requested by your personal injury attorney and the insurance company of the guilty party when working out your compensation. The CT scan works like the X-ray, but it can be used to detect broken bones and damages to vital organs and blood vessels. CT scans are needed because not all motor vehicle accidents will result in fractures to bones, some may cause internal bleeding and even more serious damages to vital organs. CT scans are also used in detecting trauma, and in this case, those traumas must be related to the accidents.

The third test conducted on victims of car accidents is the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). This test relies on radio waves to create images and the patient will be diagnosed inside an enclosed tube. MRI tests are important because they are the best for detecting neck and back injuries caused by an accident.

You may be wondering why the need for so many tests in making claims for personal injuries sustained in an auto accident. These tests become necessary to ensure that your life is saved and necessary medical treatments are offered. They can also serve as strong evidence against the individual responsible when making claims.

On suffering from a car accident, it may be difficult for you to detect issues such as bruises on your brain, bulging disc, and suspected trauma on internal organs. Even if the CT scan, MRI, or X-ray does not reveal any serious damage to your body, there are some external dislocations and bruises that must be accessed and treated.

It is important to get all the necessary tests conducted before you contact a Personal Injury Attorney to prepare your case.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Will Help You

Completing a series of medical tests are not enough to win compensation in a car accident case, you still have to prepare several documentations that only a Personal Injury Attorney can handle. In addition to lots of documentation, a great deal of time may also be involved in preparing a case for you. With more than 15,000 auto accidents recorded every day in the country, and less than half of the victims getting compensated by the guilty party die to shoddy preparations and lack of information, it is important to seek the help of an attorney.

It is not enough to verbally proof that a negligent individual had failed to exercise precaution or put necessary preventive measures in place to prevent an accident.  Your attorney is capable of coordinating your legal case, they can also negotiate on your behalf with an insurance company and help you complete all necessary paper-works that will accompany your injury claims. Attorneys also have networks of investigators and expert witness that can make the difference in your argument for compensation.

Getting the help of an attorney for personal injury claims can also save the costs of getting witnesses to prove your innocence on the case. If you don’t seek the help of a personal injury attorney, your compensation claim may extend for several years and you may eventually have to settle for less compensation, out of court.

In conclusion, Injuries sustained from car accidents will cost money and that includes the time off work. You need to also consider your medical bills, likely temporary or permanent disability and some other complications. In addition to these, you have to prove your innocence of not directly or indirectly involved in the accident, as a result of omission or negligence. All these complex issues are the reason why you need to get the services of a personal injury attorney.

If you have been involved in an auto accident recently and you believe you are not responsible either wholly or partially, you need to speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer to get your case started as soon as possible. The right way to start is to get medical assistance and have your body examined for external and internal damages. Though no one wants to become disabled accidents do occur and can render you immobile for a while or permanently. Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney will save you money in the long run, it will also give you peace of mind, knowing fully well that your case is being handled by an attorney.