Top Mobile Apps You Can Download To Achieve Fitness Goals

In this day and age, putting weight on is quite easy for two reasons: we are too busy to cook, and junk is available everywhere. Consequently, we go o

In this day and age, putting weight on is quite easy for two reasons: we are too busy to cook, and junk is available everywhere. Consequently, we go on with whatever comes our way and eventually put our health at risk. Just as easy it is to gain weight, it is hard to lose some. Now we are not saying that mobile app development companies can reduce your weight right away in shape in no time:

BMI Calculator by Splend Apps

Determination is an important factor that drives you to lose and keeps you going. But what is equally important is to know the direction of your efforts, which needs effective monitoring. With an utterly small size of 1.7 MB, BMI Calculator by Splend Apps allows you to check your Body Mass Index (BMI)with your smartphone by inputting simple information such as height, weight and age. The app also lists a tally chart where you can check if you are under or over or at par with the optimum weight.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Keeping a tab on the calorie intake is the most important aspect of weight loss process. You need to take lesser calories than, as recommended by the 1800 for men and 1300 for women, calorie requirement per day. The application takes your personal and health information to create a calorie count you need to maintain in order to lose specified amount of weight. The app also helps you to stay on track with weight loss by allowing you to input the food you had and letting you know how much calories you gained from that. In case you cross your calorie intake goals, the app issues an alert to let you know the same.


Unlike other body fat percentage calculator apps, FitScanner scans your picture to estimate and prepare a body fat percentage report. Body fat percentage is an important metric if you have a training and exercise routine, and trying to maintain a body fat ratio. To create a timeline of results of your exercise routine, you can also save the photos that the app scans and track the progress you made over time.

So far we have talked about mobile apps that you need to set weight loss goals and estimate how rigorous your routines need to be. Beyond this point, there are fitness apps that allow you totrack your fitness activities and give better insights on how well you are sticking to your fitness routine and suggest you fixes in case you are going off track, out of which here are some of the best:

Google Fit

Google, being the predominant player in android app development space, launched Google Fit a while back, which integrates with your smartphone, wearable devices, and other Android based devices to seamlessly track your activities in the background.Apart from that, you can get a complete analysis report of your activities and show you where you stand from your fitness goals. Google Fit is also quite different than other applications on the shelf with its line of features like spent calories count, steps count, travelled distance tracker. However, the most feature in the app is that it also tracks the contour elevation or down slope and shows fitness results accordingly.


If running is your style, Runtastic is your app. This mobile application has been solely designed to track your running schedules and to motivate you to run more. The app has a very simple, comprehensive interface that displays total runtime, distance, calories burnt, average run pace for each running session. You can also get a day-wise report for each run and compare results to see progress on a wider view. Apart from the obvious utility it offers, to shake up things up a little for those who also like to know how others are achieving their health goals, Runtastic also has a mini social network with feeds from friends using the app.

The combination of health apps with wearables is a combination that has given rise to a new industry i.e fitness industry. In the coming years, we can expect AI and IoT based technologies to shape up mobile app developmentspace by an even higher degree. A consequence of this possibility has already sparked a revolution of wearable techs among fitness enthusiasts, and as fitness is something that will always be a part of us, it would be incorrect if we assumed fitness apps are an ephemeral trends.

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