James Feldkamp Talks About MingJian Which Deals with Product Testing in China

Product testing is also referred to as comparative testing or consumer testing which is a procedure of calculating the performance or properties of go

Product testing is also referred to as comparative testing or consumer testing which is a procedure of calculating the performance or properties of goods. The concept is that with the arrival of mass production producers make recognized products that they affirm and publicize to be indistinguishable within some technical standard.

James Feldkamp founded MingJian which deals with product testing

MingJian is an expert comparative product testing in China which evaluates thousands of different categories of products for example cosmetics to child car seats and from speakers to smart phones. The company utilizes unique tests to assess products and all the products are sent in a foreign country and to the top scientific laboratories in the United States and Europe to get them appraised. The company at first started testing baby products and then they started testing electronics as well as personal care products. As of now, MingJian evaluates thousands of different categories of products each year. The process of evaluation at MingJian is stringently managed to ensure that each product in each category gets the same rating; as a result product ratings for the same category can be used for similar comparison.

James Feldkamp is the co-founder and chief executive officer of MingJian. He says that his company MingJian is devoted to help consumers make best purchasing decisions through expert, autonomous, neutral research and testing of products and services. He is actually from the United States where he grew up with Consumer Reports and the supportive contribution to American consumers of independent expert advice on products and services. He and his wife decided that consumers in China ought to have such a service, and then they thought of starting MingJian.

MingJian has been registered on World Consumer Rights Day i.e. March 15, 2010, It is a social enterprise which is committed to serving consumers in China so that they can make informed purchase decisions and get the best value for their money by offering expert, independent research and testing of products. To ensure that MingJian provides consumers in China with the best in class testing available internationally, the company has partnered with the world’s leading consumer organizations to carry out combined comparative testing. This company is the only independent international organization for consumer research and testing in China and is an associate of International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT). MingJian is headquartered in Shanghai and the products that the company evaluates are brought by anonymous buyers, such as regular consumers. Thus, it can be said that MingJian is the independent expert guide for consumers in China to buy safe, quality products.

Before coming into the field of profession, James Feldkamp has completed his educational qualification. He has been able to obtain an MBA degree with honors from INSEAD and has achieved two Bachelor degrees. He has graduated in Magna Cum Laude in Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE. He has also studied in Wharton School and BAS in Transportation Engineering from the Engineering School.