Mattress Store vs. Online Mattress Shopping: What’s Better?

It is the standard question that all shoppers face when they look to buy something: do I buy it online or go to the store to purchase? The same logic

It is the standard question that all shoppers face when they look to buy something: do I buy it online or go to the store to purchase? The same logic applies to mattresses 

Do you go to buy it from a store or do you purchase it online? This breakdown of the pros and cons of both mattress online shopping and in-store shopping will give you the answer you need. 

The Pros & Cons Of Shopping Online For Mattresses 

Below are the positives of buying your mattresses online: 

1) The simplicity in which you can purchase your items

The prime reason people shop online is because of its simplicity. You search for what you want, you find what you want, and you place your order. It is tantalizing enough for many people to purchase their new mattresses online while they’re sitting on their old bed at home. 

2) The pricing can be a little cheaper than usual

Why do people jump online to search for their items? One key reason is that it is cheaper online than in a store. Given the vast size of the internet, you will be able to find a mattress online for a price that you like. 

However, some distinct negatives come with shopping for a mattress online, include: 

1) Customer service is non-existent though

This all depends on your attitude towards customer service. If you don’t want a salesperson breathing down your next, then buying online should be for you. But there is a substantial downside: you have no advice or no one to guide. If there are any questions you want to be answered, you will have to contact the online store and hope someone on the end of the line can help you. But with something as important as your mattress, you want someone to give you essential insights. 

2) You can’t try out the mattress

It’s a big risk getting a new mattress in your home without having tried it in the first place. You could end up hating it, or finding out that it is not comfortable for you. Trying your mattress and seeing how it feels for you is important for your sleep pattern and your comfort. 

3) Deliveries and Returns can be difficult 

It can be difficult to sort out and organize returning your mattress back to the online store, as you will have to organize everything on your end. The same applies to deliveries; you don’t know when you will get your mattress. 

The Pros & Cons Of Shopping At A Mattress Store 

Here are the advantages you can experience when it comes to shopping at a mattress store. 

1) You can try out the mattress beforehand 

Perhaps the most significant factor when it comes to going to a Calgary mattress store is the fact that you can try out the products. It is essential to determine which mattress is going to be comfortable for you and provide you with a comfortable sleep. And you can’t do it without trying them out in the first place. 

2) The delivery is a breeze 

All you have to do is tell the mattress store where you live, and when you would like your mattress delivered. That’s it. They’ll get it to your place in no time and with little worries. Plus, you can always contact them if you need to change something.  

3) Expert advice right next to you 

Finding the right mattress for you can be challenging, especially considering the different types of designs and materials. What is the difference between a foam and latex mattress? You will have to do the online research and then try it out yourself to see if it is comfortable for you. It is here where it works to have a representative by your side. They will be able to provide you with insider information and help guide you to what mattress is going to best for you. It’s a real benefit that you miss out if you do online shopping. 

However, there are two negatives when it comes to shopping at a store. 

1) The convenience isn’t there 

There is no simplicity when it comes to getting your mattress at home. You will have to go to each store, and it can be time-consuming and an exhausting process to find your ideal bed. On the plus side, many Calgary mattress stores showcase their products on their websites, so you can see beforehand what they have on offer. 

2) The possibility of return fees 

Though many mattress stores in Calgary have no issues when it comes to picking up your mattress for free, there is always the possibility that they will charge you a pick-up or return fee to do it. You should always double-check beforehand if this is the case with the store. 

When it comes to buying your mattress, it all depends on what works for you. We recommend that you go to the store to buy your mattress; it’s the best way to guarantee that you will get what you want.