Make Tax Season More Efficient with E-signature

Tax season is the time of the year when you need to file endless paperwork. For accounting firms, this is the busiest time of the year. Though many

Tax season is the time of the year when you need to file endless paperwork. For accounting firms, this is the busiest time of the year. Though many switched to the e-signature facility to get the tax forms signed from their respective clients, some are still relying on the manual methods. 

Are you also working with the manual style for filing taxes and getting them signed with the traditional methods of paper and pen from your clients? If yes, you not only make your task consuming but also increase the chances of risks and errors. 

Here we will discuss how you can make your tax season more efficient with online signatures. But before that we will talk here about some of the challenges that you might also be facing while proceeding with the paper-based tax process. 

Lacks Customer Expectations

As clients are increasingly becoming mobile, they expect that their accountants should also become tech-savvy. Today everyone wants to have an efficient tax process free from signing a multitude of paper copies. But as an accountant, if you have not yet shifted to the online signatures, you are not delivering the expected services to your clients. As the client’s expectations are not fulfilled, so they might look for new accountants. If this happens, it will surely hamper your business.

Privacy Issues

When your clients send tax forms to you via mail or fax, they often fear about the security of their confidential data. As the information is visible, so the chances of theft also increase. But today, clients get the benefit of keeping data safe with online signatures. They will look for accountants providing those services. Here also you will lose your clients if you are still working with the manual signature process.

Turnaround Time

When the tax season arrives, clients often ask to complete the tax process as soon as possible. They are not concerned that you need to deal with hundreds and thousands of clients during this time. As you get stressed while going through the complicated forms, documents, and filing tax errors, you often miss the turnaround time given to your clients. This leaves your customers dissatisfied, which in turn impacts your business.  

So, eliminate the manual onboarding process for faster turnaround time during your tax season that comes with critical deadlines.  

How online signatures help in tax season?

You are now aware of the disadvantages of going with the manual way of signing the tax forms. Now let us see how online signatures streamline your process. 

Retain Integrity of Your Electronic Records 

Every e-signature has an electronic record linked with it. It can prove whether the signature is valid or not. Once an online signature is done, these can neither be removed nor forged to any false documents. 

As the electronic signatures cannot be modified, so its security is guaranteed. Moreover, you can also keep your document locked and prevents it from getting changed. 

Speed Up the Workflow

When you send physical documents or blank W9 form to the taxpayers, it might take weeks to months to get the tax returns. But when you get the facility of getting online signatures from the clients, it eliminates the complete process of printing, sending and signing tax documents physically. If the adoption rates of e-signature continue, by 2023, the global market will surely reach $9.07 billion.

So why not make the tax-filing process easier with the eSign Genie to sign documents electronically. Apart from digitally sending the documents, you can manage it in a few days rather than months or weeks. Moreover, you also save nature, as paper use is also reduced to a higher level. 

Improves Accuracy and Lowers Risk

When you use online signatures, it eliminates any chances or errors like unsigned or incomplete form submissions. As the mistakes are less or even eliminated with online signatures, it takes less time to check and complete documents. Apart from reducing the step of resending the document for completion, it also helps you complete your filing process quickly.  

 Boosts Data Security

Though the digital process eases the task, cyber threats also increase. The risk of data leakage is also there on the web. But the licensed e-signature software providers have gone that extra mile to provide complete security to the documents while doing online signatures. Your e-signatures are extremely secure if you use the authenticated software to get online signatures for your tax filing process. 

When you use the legal software, it does not allow the signer to sign the documents, unless the person gets his or her identity verified. So, it automatically boosts the data security. 

How the e-signature software keep taxpayers secure?

When the taxpayers opt for e-signature software IRS files tax records the below data:

  • It marks the digital image of the form signed by the taxpayer. 
  • Date and time when the signer signs the tax papers is also recorded. 
  • It also notes the IP address of the taxpayer.
  • The software even records the taxpayer’s login identification.
  • The method used for signing the record is also recorded.

If you are thinking about e-signatures security, then the above points must assure you about its safety. Then, why shift through the huge piles of paper when you can efficiently file the tax with e-signatures?

Closing Words

Everyone has to file taxes. So why not save time and increase your productivity during seasons by filing taxes quickly and efficiently with the e-signatures. Streamlining your process will lower the risk of the leakage of client’s sensitive information. Moreover, it also eliminates any chances of manual errors that lead to the repetition of the complete process.

All this will help to keep customers satisfied with the reliable and the best electronic signature solution. We hope your tax season will go in a streamlined manner with e-signatures.

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