Maintaining a strong workforce after COVID-19

The pandemic changed everything. For many companies, remote working was a very new and unplanned experience. But largely it was a success, so much so

The pandemic changed everything. For many companies, remote working was a very new and unplanned experience. But largely it was a success, so much so that many people wan to continue working in a hybrid way. 

So as an employer, how do you make sure your workforce and employees continue to be productive, engage in company culture and stay loyal? There are lots of things you can do, big and small. See our top tips for maintaining a solid workforce in an ever-evolving environment. 

Continue your 1-to-1s and team check-ins 

In a hybrid working environment, consistent communication is a significant part of maintaining a solid workforce. By continuing your regular check-ins, you provide stability for your team and accountability. 

It’s not required for every conservation but ensure video calls frequently. There is a lot of reassurance and connection to be made from seeing colleagues’ faces, and it reminds everyone that you’re in a united team with a goal for personal and organizational success. 

Acknowledge hard work 

This can easily be overlooked but can be a difference between a thriving company or one that experiences lots of turnover and complaints. Acknowledging hard work and not taking your employees for granted will always result in dedicated and productive staff. Research shows that approximately 79% of employees who quit their jobs say a lack of appreciation from their company plays a significant role in their decision to leave. It’s critical to make sure gratitude and rewarding employees is a regular piece of your strategy to stay connected while working remotely.

Be flexible about hybrid working

The pandemic proved that working remotely has no impact on your company’s success. Despite not being in the office, employees still met deadlines, shared creative ideas, and achieved goals. So it’s no surprise that many employees want to maintain elements of hybrid working as we transition back into a new normal. It’s up to you to ensure your staff are supported through this next transition, and acknowledge the significant changes in workforce models, and pay close attention to employees’ needs during the process. 

Research from a Future Form study that took place during the pandemic found that many workers value flexibility in the workplace. Only 12% want to return to working in an office five days a week, and 72% prefer a hybrid work schedule. If you’re on the fence about this, feeling passionate that being in the office is still best for your company, you could minimize your hiring opportunities and risk losing valued staff to more flexible employers. Part of maintaining a strong, thriving workforce and supporting your team will require flexibility in your policies and HR management. 

Invest in technology 

You may have a mixture of working dynamics in your company, such as some people working remotely full-time, some staff co-located (works only from the office), and then some enjoying a hybrid set-up, which is a mixture of the two. Investing in technology and video conferencing is crucial to making sure the co-located employees are on the same page as the hybrid and remote employees. Ways to ensure this include room booking and usage systems, which should be a priority for teams in the office. 

These tips should ensure you create harmony between all your teams and maintain a strong workforce after the trials and tribulations of remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic.