Linkedin B2B Lead Generation Strategy to Close More Deals

Well, close but not close enough. That’s the technique for this b2b lead generation LinkedIn sales strategy. Linkedin is the most popular platform tod

Well, close but not close enough. That’s the technique for this b2b lead generation LinkedIn sales strategy.

Linkedin is the most popular platform today for b2b lead generation which was before for the job seekers. Linkedin today is a powerful b2b prospecting tool. You need to avail of this opportunity and get right into the business of winning sales. See how LinkedIn helps you get prospects and even close more deals most professionally. It is a valuable resource for b2b sales.

 Deep Down On Dive on Every Good Prospect

Well, LinkedIn truly is a great platform for you to get your desired prospects. As soon as you select your b2b prospecting lead search about their history. In true sense stalk and make a list of their past posts, their education, number of employees, working hour, department names, their past job experience, and what they are searching for currently. 

All these will help understand if they are worth investing time in. 

LinkedIn is an engaging platform and with its advanced features, you can figure most of the details you want. So, go for it. Use the LinkedIn Navigator, LinkedIn Boolean Search tool, and optimize your search strategies. Find the most potential prospect.

Qualify the Opportunity

LinkedIn today is used as a b2b prospecting tool which once and even today is a platform for job seekers. Use LinkedIn as your search resource to find about the company and who is the concerned person for making a decision.

Check properly if you need to make a call or just an email at regular intervals will do the same. Linkedin can be your encyclopedia for the prospect’s search. Check the list if,

  •   Get your team into finding the company’s criteria, location, employee size, sector, and vision.
  • Check the person concerned for b2b prospecting is a recommender or the decision. In both, the cases search dive deep into the prospect’s history and future goals.
  • See if any is there in the mutual between you two. LinkedIn comes with this feature of mutual connection and that is an amazing opportunity to avail.
  • Check out their posts, comments, and likes and understand what will fit best for approaching them.

LinkedIn gives you enough information to know a person or company before you decide to make a phone call, send a cold email, or mail via referral. Before going for work or to a client to do your homework, you can’t waste a single minute of your time.

The other decision-maker

Some deals as in enterprise deals or the b2b sales deals take a lot of time and get several involved in making one decision. So, you don’t want to miss any chance of alluring your b2b prospect.

LinkedIn features give you the power to know the number of people associated with the company, their tenure of joining, and their position in the current time.

  • See the members that are associated with the company. Search for both present and former employees.
  • Identify shared connections. See if you can ask or request anyone as the third party to be your referral, as a provider of insight about the business and reason.
  • See their activity column for a chance to connect with them humbly and formally on LinkedIn.

Stay in Touch

Closing of sales takes time. Have patience! 

All you need to do is to have the communication going as before the webinar, demo, campaign, or any meeting. You should never look desperate to make a sale instead of concerned about solving the issue or providing insight your client is looking for.

  • On your LinkedIn profile share articles, videos, or any post relevant to your company and a solution provider. Use case studies articles either from your company’s page or from a third party, you can do it through a LinkedIn chatbox.
  • Share news and article to a group of prospecting clients, again use email, message, or tag numerous people to reach out to the mass.
  • Engage your self or the company’s page for increasing your visibility and activeness on these platforms. It works as it provides a glimpse of your company.

B2b lead generation and these b2b prospecting tools are only to their to ease down your work of relationship building. A strong relation, trust, and guidance are what the buyers look at. Linkedin is a professional platform, helps you do the same.

Your deal is successful or not, your lead is your potential prospect or not is a different scenario. You need to build a bond first with a clear, formal yet in a concerned tone. Any lead can become a potential prospect or a third party. So, stay in touch via email and sending access to your freebies, giveaway, and webinars.


If you didn’t know the smooth way to be, hopefully, helping you with this. Linkedin has 1 billion actives users every day. All you need to do is engage via your content, and it is easy for you to close any sales and even get to your prospects.

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