Jason Proch Talks about Moving To the United Kingdom from the US

Several people from around the globe choose to migrate to the United Kingdom owing to the wealth of opportunities and prospects available there. 

Several people from around the globe choose to migrate to the United Kingdom owing to the wealth of opportunities and prospects available there.  This country is the home to some of the most renowned universities of the globe, and features the offices of various well established as well. Jason Proch underlines that the UK also features many of the best restaurants, museums and sports teams of the world.  Jason essentially is one among the many individuals who have migrated to UK from America.   He says that there are several people like him who have gone to US for the purpose of work, higher studies, or even to experience the exceptional culture of this country.

Jason Proch highlights the essentials of migrating to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is renowned for its distinct cultured lifestyle, urban destinations, as well as awe inspiring destinations. Whether people are headed to England, Wales, Scotland, or even the Northern Ireland, all parts of the UK has unique experiences to offer to the people. Being an American himself, Jason Proch has a good idea that in the initial stages relocating to the UK can seem to be quite a bit of a hassle.  He however also mentions that in case people are armed with the necessary important information, the overall process of moving and relocating can essentially be quite a painless procedure.

 The Americans planning to move to the UK firstly have to apply for the relevant visa. They ideally have to go through a certain structured procedure in order to obtain the visa. Family and work visas are two of the most common types of visas available. Work visas can essentially be of different types as well.  The interested migrants have to sit for a quick test given by the UK government that would accesses if the person requires a visa, as well as what visa they might need.  For example, people migrating to UK after being offered a skilled job would have to apply for a Tier 2 visa. Some of the important requirements for this visa are:

  • Show that they are getting paid an adequate amount of salary
  • They might be required to prove their overall knowledge of English
  • They may have to showcase that they have the necessary funds needed to support themselves after relocating to the
  • They should have a valid passport, and also produce their travel history for the last five months
  • In certain cases people might also be needed to provide a criminal record certificate

It is important to be adequately aware of the baking system of the UK before shifting there. According to Jason Proch banking in the UK is quite straightforward. Several of the banks located here additionally tend to be much bigger than various international ones. After arriving in the country from the US, people firstly have to exchange their American dollars into pounds.  They can easily do so through any of the large banks present in the country.