Infographic: How to avoid being scammed while working online

Today, more and more people are finding out that they do not have to commute to an office to bring in an income every day. Thanks to technology, the percentage of people working from home have quickly escalated. If you are one such person, you need a couple of tips to help you find a good work environment online, without falling into scams which are also becoming too common. Before you sell your old phone and start working online, here is how you can avoid getting scammed;

No work, no money

If you have not put in the work, do not expect any income. The kind of work you do online should determine the amount of money you get. While you can settle on a different payment plan, before you can trust the check banked to your account, confirm with your bank whether the money is legit or not.

Share information wisely

Most online sites require some information to validate you. However, be careful with the lengths you go to share information. Before submitting any data, make sure the site you are using to apply is secure. It counts to have the site you are submitting data to have an “https” address. Further, never give your information through email or over the phone.

Be keen with the details

Job scammers will approach you with a legit company name, but contact you with a different address. Be keen for such details. Make sure you do in-depth research and find legit money making apps to work with such as Swagbucks, CashPirate, Fronta, iPoll, Field Agent, ShopKick, Streetbees, Curious Cat, Citizen me, Feature Points, Roamler and Foap.

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