Indoor Swimming Pools: The Pros and Cons

Pool builders share multiple perks of both outdoor and indoor swimming pools to people who wish to invest in one. However, the main reason why people

Pool builders share multiple perks of both outdoor and indoor swimming pools to people who wish to invest in one. However, the main reason why people opt for indoor swimming pools is that they can be used even in the off-season.

Even though swimming is an activity that is usually enjoyed in the hot summer season but, an indoor pool offers you a chance to enjoy the sport all year round even in winters. Out of all the advantages, this has to be the biggest one in regards to an indoor pool.

Why the indoor swimming pools?

People love swimming adventures because they are an incredible source of cardio workouts. After a tiring day or week at work, the swimming pool provides an amazing chance to relax those tensed muscles. This enjoyment must not end with the end of the summers. 

Indoor pools let you enjoy a swim at any time of the year including the freezing winters. Now with the availability of pool heaters, nothing can stop you from taking a dip into the pool not even when it is snowing outside. 

At the same time, indoor swimming pools offer the much-needed privacy to homeowners that outdoor pools can’t. You no longer have to worry about your nosy neighbors and random people peaking in your yard during your swimming activities. What could be more important than maintaining privacy in your home? 

The Benefits & Drawbacks

This article will analyze the benefits and drawbacks of indoor swimming pools in regards to their associated factors such as cost, maintenance, etc. 

  • The Recreational Activities

Regardless of the type of climate you live in, whether hot or cold, recreational activities related to swimming pools can only be done in a maximum of three months of the year. However, the indoor swimming pools allow you to have fun all year long. 


As already mentioned above that swimming pools are an ideal source of exercise for both children and adults. This exercise should not be limited to the summer season. 

With indoor pools, anyone can maintain a workout routine throughout the twelve months of the year. Whether it is a summer night pool party or a relaxing dip on a cold winter night, indoor pools will let you have all the fun. 


Even indoor swimming pools can pose potential risks to children. If you have kids in your home then you must keep the swimming area locked at all times you will also need to install protective fences around the pool to ensure complete safety. 

If you do not take these precautionary measures, you may be held liable for any potential injuries to your neighbors, friends, or even pets. 

  • The Cost

Whether big or large, swimming pools are no cheap investment. In fact, if you buy a house that already has a pool may cost you much cheaper than installing one from scratch later on.


The main benefit of investing in an indoor swimming pool is that the worth of your house will significantly increase once the pool is installed. If you put your house on sale, potential buyers will be willing to pay a lot more for a property that has an in-built swimming pool. 


At times when you put your property on sale, you might not get the full investment back. Let’s say that the swimming pool installation was around $50,000 if you think you can simply add $50,000 to the cost price of your home during the resale, you are sadly mistaken.  

Only a professional property inspector or agent will be able to tell you the exact cost of the swimming pool you can add to your home during resale. However, it would definitely not be what you originally paid. 

  • The Maintenance

It is important to properly maintain your indoor swimming pool. This requires the use of special tools, equipment, chemicals, and most importantly time. Without maintenance, the functionality of your pool can be severely affected. 


Those who have been using a personal swimming pool for years, know the importance of its cleanliness, hygiene, and maintenance. 

The good news is that if you have no past experience in pool maintenance procedures, there are multiple cleaning companies who can get the job done. It is ideal to hire them if you do not wish to take the cleaning responsibility on yourself. 


Without proper maintenance, you may face multiple health issues especially the risk of infection. You need to invest in cleaning chemicals to maintain the pH of your pool. These chemicals do not come cheap.  

If you avoid making this investment, it can also lead to unwanted algae growth in your pool for which you will have to hire a professional cleaning company, leading to additional expenses. 

Who must invest in an indoor swimming pool?

This decision will depend on why you want to construct a swimming pool in your house. Do you wish to make this investment to maintain a workout routine? Do you want to install the pool as a luxury? Do you wish to enhance the aesthetics and the worth of your property? Make sure you are clear about the reasons as to why you want to buy a swimming pool.

Before you decide to hire a construction company for your pool, do your homework on its maintenance, costs, and other requirements. Then decide whether you can manage a pool in your house or not.