HP Pavilion X360 buying guide: Pros and cons of this laptop

Since the launch of HP Pavilion X360 on 1st July 2020, the laptop has attracted mixed reviews making it difficult to discern a clear mandate or effica

Since the launch of HP Pavilion X360 on 1st July 2020, the laptop has attracted mixed reviews making it difficult to discern a clear mandate or efficacy. At the outset, it can be determined that it is a solid performer equipped with the latest specs and features. 

To find out more about it other aspects, let us see how it performs in the following parameters –

  • Design and build

The design of this laptop is characterised by its sleek body. Other departures from standard laptop design concepts include a 360-degree hinge. However, at 1.7 kg, this laptop is lightweight and highly mobile. Speaking of the hinge, it allows for increased mobility, but also makes the joint more prone to damage over time. Thus, its dimension is not a particular strong point of the laptop. 

  • Touch, track pad and keyboard 

This HP i3 laptop scores considerably higher on the soft keyboard, responsive touchpad and nimble touchscreen. The notification menu gestures and three-finger swipe on the touchscreen works perfectly. The backlight is decent and provides adequate brightness. 

Moreover, there is a quick response with the bundled pen input. This meets the expectation of what one has from a touch screen notebook at this price point. This feature, in particular, can improve productivity for professionals significantly. 

  • Display 

For a 14-inch FHD unit with 16:9 aspect ratios, this model’s screen colours come off as a bit muted, and dull at times. The colour gamut might just clock in at a mere 60% instead of the average of more than 80%. 

The redeeming feature is the brightness that is at a decent 186-200 cd/m2. As you can understand, even though the display fails to exhibit colour accuracy, it still does not interfere with day-to-day activities of users. Hence, the display feature in HP Pavilion X360 is impressive enough to get the job done. However, other models in this price range may sport better displays. 

  • Battery life 

Laptop battery is a crucial component, especially when the same is being used for office work or attending online classes. Inadequate battery life can leave users stranded in between meetings, conferences or lectures. 

Thankfully, the HP Pavilion X360 does not disappoint in this regard. Casual users can expect the laptop battery to last for a full workday without breaking a sweat. However, running games on the same can severely eat into this battery life.   

The overall appraisal shows that HP Pavilion X360 could very well be a decent purchase in this price band. However, such fund may not be readily available with a buyer, or difficult to invest at one go. In such an instance, one may opt for Bajaj Finserv EMI Card.

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At any rate, the 8GB RAM, 512 GB SSD should suffice for most of your needs. The pre-loaded Windows 10 and MS Office are additional perks of owning this impressive laptop model. Individuals can also choose to upgrade its memory by adding an additional 8GB RAM stick if needed.