How To Use A Usb Flash Pen Drive As Ram

With the passage of time, we observed that most of the computers or laptops slow down. No, the reason is not the technical issues or the systems are f

With the passage of time, we observed that most of the computers or laptops slow down. No, the reason is not the technical issues or the systems are faulty, but the actual reason is something different and this is the extra software or apps we install in the drive. As these apps or software consumes more memory until you get to the point where it’s so slow that you will probably replace your system. Well, there are two ways to tackle such conditions. The first one is to replace your system. Undeniably, it would be an expensive option for some people. Another and the perfect solution for such cases is add virtual RAM, the memory that your programs use to run.

Is your computer also creating problems with operating a program or it require extra memory space? If yes, then you can use a USB pen drive as a virtual RAM. Yes, you are hearing the correct! Now, it’s possible to convert a pen drive into a virtual memory and use it as a RAM in the laptop or a PC. This is an effective technique that certainly assists you to run complex programs that consume your RAM. Additionally, it also helps to increase the speed of low RAM systems and make their processing as smooth as butter. Well, many people are not aware of this way. But this is really a reliable and affordable method to speed up your system.

How To Use a USB flash Pen Drive as Ram?

Do you know how can you use a USB flash pen drive? If not, here we are describing the easy steps that you should follow to extend your memory. Have a glance at the steps:

Use Pen Drive as RAM in Windows

For Windows XP, you have to use programs like ebooster. For Windows Vista and above, i.e. Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10, you may use the inbuilt ReadyBoost feature as well. In the case, when you embed the USB pen drive into the computer system, you will notice an AutoPlay dialog box, if you have not impaired AutoPlay. Presently what you have to do? Simply tap on the “Accelerate my framework” catch and windows will start a progression of tests to check if your drive can be included as a RAM extension. Your pen drive needs

  • At minimum 256MB in measure, with no less than 64KB of free space.
  • At minimum a 2.5MB/sec throughput for 4KB irregular peruses.
  • At minimum a 1.75MB/sec throughput for 1MB irregular composes.

In a case, if all these specifications look alien code to you, simply use a USB flash Pen drive as RAM for extra memory.

Use Use Pen Drive as RAM in Linux

Linux uses a separate partition called ‘swap’ to cache data when RAM gets filled up. In this case, what is the purpose of using a USB pen drive as RAM; it replaces the partition mounted as the swap with the pen drive. What all you need to do for this?

The very first step to do is find out the partition name of your pen drive. For that you have to follow the following commands:

Command No 1: sudo fdisk –l

This will provide you with the complete feature of all your available drives. Thus, you can find out the partition name of your pen drive from the list without any hassle.

The next step would be to unmount your USB drive and for that you should use the following command:

Command No 2: sudo umount /dev/sdc1

Now you have to make your swap file on the pen drive with the following command:

Command No 3: sudo mkswap /dev/sdc1

And Finally, turn on the new swap file by using the command

Command No 4: sudo swapon -p 32767 /dev/sdc1

And this way, you come up with the final result. Now your Linux OS will now use the pen drive to run any swapping operations whenever your RAM gets filled up.

So, this is the whole procedure that you may apply to speed up your computer system by using the USB Pen drive as a RAM. Hope, you get the desired information that needs to perform this task. Stay tuned with us for more updates.