How to Save Money to Buy your New Dream Car

You have finally made the decision to get your hands on a brand-new Honda or Toyota vehicle, congratulations! This is indeed, the most crucial decisio

You have finally made the decision to get your hands on a brand-new Honda or Toyota vehicle, congratulations! This is indeed, the most crucial decision that impacts the quality of your life. Convinced and searching for the right dealer to do some car shopping is amazing in its own sense. However, you need to first go through a lot of payment options and purchasing options before you can proceed with an actual purchase. 

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So, the vital question here, how much should you actually spend on your new car and how you can save that much to accomplish that goal? Let’s find the answer below.

How Much Should You Spend on your Car Purchase?

A good strategy is to start planning and thinking with a family member or a friend about how much money are you willing to spend on your car purchase. For example, considering features like fuel economy and luggage capacity can influence your decision of buying a particular brand. You can either spend 50% of your income or only spend 10% of your money on your car expenses. That brings us to our new goal, the down payment!

How much Down Payment Should is planned?

If you are planning on purchasing a new car on lease, then you should come to the point of deciding on down payment. A better lease deal is the one with ample down payment to reduce monthly payments’ burden on your shoulders. Doing some quick math will allow you to plan your spending accordingly on other things to pay down payment required to purchase a car on lease. 

Save like a Boss

Now that you have created a goal for your new car purchase, you need to be a boss of your savings. Put together a comprehensive saving plan or a budget that supports your new goal. Make quick changes or additions to your budget when necessary. Some tips to budget like a boss are as follows:

  • Gather all the financial statements and analyze them
  • Analyze all your sources of income 
  • Record all monthly expenses in a worksheet or use an app
  • Divide your monthly expenses into variable and fixed categories
  • Calculate a difference between your total expenses and income
  • Reduce your expenses (daily, weekly, or monthly) to accomplish your goals
  • Review your savings monthly 

More Strategies to Enhance your Savings 

Once you have all the above formulas in your mind, it is time to take some solid action to move into savings part. There are several ways to work on your savings. For example, you can:

  • Open a new bank account just for putting your savings in it. That will help you to safeguard money that you normally spend compulsively on expensive items or useless things.
  • Maintain a savings account to automate your savings. Set up automatic transfers to your savings account for purchasing a car only.
  • Another vital tip to save some cash for your new car is to take it to other places. For example, you can make some sacrifices that involve not eating outside at expensive restaurants. Cooking your dinner at home and cancelling your credit cards can surely safeguard your savings. 
  • A good quote by Robert Keepsake is, “a penny saved is not a penny earned. A penny invested is a penny saved”. That means if you are struggling hard to put aside some money to buy a dream car, then you can invest your savings and let the money work for you. This tip works best for people who have enough savings to meet their daily expenses and invest in other opportunities. 

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