How to make the best of your family trip to Kabini

Working the entire week coupled with the hectic commute between the office and home, all of us definitely need a break to relax. It’s essential to t

Working the entire week coupled with the hectic commute between the office and home, all of us definitely need a break to relax. It’s essential to take some time off with family and friends to clear our minds only to get back to the daily grind. It also enables us to spend time with our loved ones which we often miss out on due to the busy work schedules.

Bangalore is surrounded by many destinations for families perfect to get away for the weekend. You can choose from tranquil hill stations to lush wildlife resorts to historic locations based on your interest.


If you are someone who loves to be amidst nature, you must visit Kabini.

It is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure junkies. Kabini takes a breezy 4 hour drive from Bangalore with absolutely picturesque routes. There are many resorts in Kabini where families can unwind and enjoy the feeling of being one with nature.

Things to do in Kabini

Sometimes, it is essential to just do nothing and laze around in the serene setting of a resort such as Discovery Village with scrumptious food whilst engaging in light activities.


A boating trip in the Kabini river is a feast for the eyes whilst quenching the spiritual thirst of the soul thanks to the unjustifiable beauty that is, Kabini. It is also perfect for aviary enthusiasts to spot a few rare species. Remember to take your camera to capture the expansive scenery.


Trekking is one of the most difficult yet exciting activities in Kabini. A trek along the hills, engulfed by 360 degrees of gorgeous vistas of the rolling Western Ghats is the best way to spend the weekend. Or if you crave for something other than the mountains, a hike under the lush green canopies can be your thing! You might find that to be equally intriguing.

Jungle safari

Visit this reserve which is a shelter to a diverse range of rare and exotic fauna, the Kabini safari is probably the best wildlife safari down south. The feeling of passing through this rich, deep forest in the back of a jeep, with endless encounters with the animals in their natural habitat is a truly magical experience. It is different than observing animals in a caged environment, displaced from their natural habitat.

The Jungle Safari is conducted under the strict supervision of the forest department. The slots for the safari are reserved on a first come first serve basis, with the safaris being conducted all year round.

The animals usually spotted here are gaurs, spotted deer, sambar, panthers, elephants, bears, even the lions and tigers! It is easily one of the best attractions in Kabini.

Elephant Safari

Going for an elephant safari is an exciting activity for kids to experience this mammoth creature. It is also a fun way to explore the areas of Kabini. It is a nice way to understand the richness of nature whilst being closely connected to it. A trip on the back of an elephant is surely exhilarating and distinct.

Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagarhole is a massive component of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is undoubtedly one of the best wildlife sanctuaries. The Nagarhole National Park or Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is worth your time. It is an expansive 247-mile park under the supervision of the forest department. A journey through this park is an unforgettable experience. Nagarhole is a majestic place that not only shelters rich wildlife, it also boasts rare flora.

There are one hour bus and jeep safaris in the mornings and evenings.

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is in close proximity to Nagarhole National Park. Families can also experience the unique wildlife at the Bandipur reserve on bus or jeep safaris. These are things that should be experienced with your loved ones.

You can also visit the Iruppu falls, which is about an hour away from Kabini. Visit the coffee, paddy and spice Estates in Kutta. All these fantastic things attract tourists by the thousands to Kabini every year. It is also one of the best honeymoon places in the state of Karnataka.