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How to find the dream B.Tech College in Delhi NCR

It is a daunting task to search for a good Engineering college. Students tend to panic and sometimes overanalyze their choice of college. With no dear

It is a daunting task to search for a good Engineering college. Students tend to panic and sometimes overanalyze their choice of college. With no dearth of information available on the Internet, one tends to get confused over finalising a list of B Tech colleges in Delhi NCR. Here are some quick tips to help you choose your dream college.

• Choice of Major: You need to figure out your strength area and finalise first on the major of your choice. In the potential colleges you should keep only the ones with a proven track record of excelling in that major.

• Location of your Choice of Major: You need to consider how close or far you want to live from your present residence. A major change of scenery is not always a good option as you will have to fit into the local customs, tastes, etc. which many times is not easy. A sudden shift from a big city to a rural area or vice-versa is only romantic till you land in the situation. The average temperature, seasonal fluctuations, rainfall patterns, etc. against your acclimatisation potential need to be taken into account.

• Public or private: Public colleges are limited in financial aid as they get money from the State which affects their general functioning. Private schools on the other hand can provide better facilities because of private fundings but they also charge a lot more. Compare the colleges basis upon the first two choice and balance out as per your needs on financial constraints.

• Size of the College: A large college means more chances to socialise but your class size could be much larger, so less teacher involvement. It depends upon how you learn better – through direct involvement of a teacher or with more interactions with your friends.

• Housing facilities and maintenance costs: Many colleges provide coed housing, though some still separate the sexes in different buildings or units. Some colleges also provide theme dorms where same subject residents live and interact easily like Electrical, Mechanical, Sports, etc. Many times the housing provided is not to your taste and you may want to live off-campus where you will have to decide on even further things like food availability, travel choices, safety, etc. Though if the college is close to your home, it is best to save on dorm costs and live at home.

• Sports and on-campus activities: Although not directly connected with your field of study, participation in sports and other activities like dance program, orchestras or bands, campus radio and various fraternities, help you unwind at the end of the day. You might even be very good at an alternative field and might end up doing something you have not yet thought about. But mostly added activity for fun purposes is important and should be a part of your choice of the top B Tech colleges in Greater Noida.

• Brand consciousness: Colleges may have an excellent department but not to good with the others or even be as developed and equipped. Choose a college as per the standards of the department that you will be a part of and not just because a college is well-known.

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