How to determine the correct hat size with head size?

Hats must fit perfectly, or else it could be an embarrassment to fiddle with it now and then to hold it in place. Poor fitting of hats would make you

Hats must fit perfectly, or else it could be an embarrassment to fiddle with it now and then to hold it in place. Poor fitting of hats would make you look out of sorts as you can never be at ease when wearing them. The hat size might be too tight and uncomfortable to wear even for a few minutes, or it might be loose and tend to slip down the forehead to obstruct your vision besides spoiling the looks.  For wearing hats according to the style and needs, it is vital to ensure the right fit so that it does not look funny. 

Since there is a direct relationship between the hat size and head size, you must know your head size so that you can match the hat size. When looking for womens hats for big heads, you are entirely aware of the head size and would focus only on hat styles that go well with the head size.  The styles of big hats have enough flexibility built into them so that you can make minor adjustments to get the right fit. Like baseball hats, some hats have the necessary arrangement for adjusting the fit for maximum comfort.

Before searching for hats, ascertain your head size first and then match it with the hat size to get the perfect fit.

Head measurement

Measuring your head with a measuring tape is the only way to know your head size, and you can do it on your own by standing in front of the mirror. Regardless of the style, all hats sit on the head about two inches above the eyebrows, which is the standard way of wearing hats. You can alter the hat placement like pushing it back slightly or wearing it at an angle, but the place of resting of the hat on the head remains typically the same. Measure the circumference of your head at the position where you usually wear hats and note it down so that you can match it with the hat size chart to ascertain the corresponding hat size. 

Match the head size with the hat size 

Once you know your head size, it becomes easy to find out the corresponding hat size by referring to the hat size chart that is readily available with all hat makers and hat sellers, and you can find it online too. Numbers and alphabets denote hat sizes. The chart is a long list that starts from 21 inches or 54 cm and goes up to 25 inches or 64 cm. On going through the hat size chart a few times, you can understand the logic behind matching the head size with the hat size. There is a specific range of head sizes that correspond to each hat size like small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL), and there are bigger hats like sizes XXL and XXXL for much bigger head sizes. The largest hat sizes are 8 inches and above. 

Follow the approximation rule when selecting the hat size because if your head size is between two sizes, you should always go for the higher one. The reason is that if needed, you can tighten the hat slightly by using an adhesive band upon the sweatband. 

Hat sizes for men

You might find some hats that fit almost all heads, but you must know how to relate the numerical with the alphabet in the hat size chart to arrive at the proper hat size. Usually, hats suitable for head sizes ranging between 21.5 inches and 23 inches belong to medium and large hats.  For the perfect fit, the correct head size measurement is critical, and you must measure the head at least three times in succession. Then take the average measurement, which should be correct. Knowing the head size makes the task easy because by looking at the hat size chart, you can underline the hat size that matches your head size and results in the perfect fit.

Hat sizes for women

Determining the hat size of women is easier because the head sizes do not vary much. It is almost like one size fits all when it comes to selecting women’s hat sizes. Indeed, some women have big heads, but by following the same rules of matching the head size with the hat size, the task of ensuring the right fit is not at all difficult.  Hat sizes for women are almost universal and range between 211/2 inches and 221/2 inches, but there are some exceptions.  However, the actual size might vary between different designers. 

Since most men’s and women’s head sizes are around some specific numbers like 59 cm for men and 57 cm for women, only a small section of hat users need to be more cautious about getting the right head measurement to ensure the best fit. 

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