How to Choose the Best Ticket Plane to Costa Rica?

Where do I buy my plane ticket to Costa Rica: in an agency or on the Internet? We at flights from London to Stockholm bring you the key insights to pu

Where do I buy my plane ticket to Costa Rica: in an agency or on the Internet? We at flights from London to Stockholm bring you the key insights to purchasing the best ticket & airlines to Costa Rica

Well, it is important to make the right choice because you will quickly realize that there are huge price differences for airline tickets, some up to 3 times more expensive than others. Why? Well, I’ll let you answer it for yourself, in the comment post at the bottom of the article!

In my case, I bought my plane ticket 3 months before my departure and I joined Costa Rica at the beginning of June, so off holiday period in France and especially offseason in Costa Rica, arriving during the season called green which actually corresponds to the rainy season. I first did the price comparison on the Internet, then the next day, I contacted the various travel agencies in my city asking for a quote for my flight to Costa Rica. And there, I realized that the price difference between the Internet and them was at their margin. So, I made the choice to buy my ticket on the Net…

So here I see what you are going to say to me: You are crazy, buy a ticket on the Internet, I would not trust, you pay on the Internet, it’s dangerous, etc. I will explain the steps one by one, do not worry … There is nothing easier, finally. You just need a printer to take out your registration ticket (and it’s sent to you by e-mail, so you can print it from anywhere, anytime you want) and then you can pay either by card, but as many of you do not like to go out or reveal your card number on the Internet, well, there is no problem, you can make a bank transfer for example and even simpler, ask your bank to do so at your place…

The journey, the time, and the stops: 3 choices to take into account for a good trip 

      It is very important to know these three essential points to choose your plane ticket to Costa Rica. The longer the trip, the more tiring it is, I remind you. First, the journey: on average, it takes 15 hours of travel from France, but it can be much longer, with 20 hours or more of travel…

To understand, there are certainly direct flights but at very high prices, so forget this possibility. What I, I advise you, is to find a flight with 1 stopover, because I assure you that two stops, it is very long because of course, we must take into account the landing, the fact of finding in the airport, waiting, then checking tickets, getting passengers in, and taking off… You waste a lot of time unnecessarily. And the price is often higher than when there is only one stop, at least according to my different research.

Which plane to Costa Rica, which flight to take?

      Well, one tip, simple and precise: DO NOT TAKE ANY FLIGHT WITH ESCALE TO THE UNITED STATES. Why? Well, there are several reasons for this: first, the controls are more severe (biometric passport mandatory except for the last made between 2006 and 2010), but the main reason is that you are obliged to recover your baggage that is in the hold once in the US, to control them again and put them back in your new plane. Really to avoid, get rid of this big luggage of 23 kg. From the beginning, I was very happy not to have to pick it up and the luggage arrived safely at the destination, do not worry.

Various companies offer stops in Europe, then you arrive directly in San José, Costa Rica (SJO-Juan Santamaria International Airport). My advice, the simplest and most adapted flight, that I took from Nantes, but that you will certainly find from other French airports in the provinces or Paris: this is the Compagnie Iberia.

Why do I advise her? Well, for several reasons: the schedules are very interesting first, early morning departure from Nantes, 7:30, which allows arriving in Costa Rica in the middle of the day, which is very good because you arrive by day … It is still more pleasant to arrive before the night falls at 18 pm all year. One-stop possible, in Madrid, so remember, we are in Europe, you do not recover your checked luggage, and they follow directions. And the last strong point, only 3 hours of stopover, just enough to not get lost. It takes 35 minutes between Terminal 4 and 4S.


To tell the truth, and surely like you, I hesitated for a long time in front of my computer to take the guarantee but today, after having discussed with the French embassy in Costa Rica, among others, I advise you (really very important), at the time of your order, to subscribe to the comprehensive insurance which includes for about 30 euros the following points:

A cancellation guarantee if you ever have to cancel your trip for illness or for any other reason…

A luggage guarantee in case of loss;

A repatriation assistance guarantee if you ever come to have health problems, essential because here the care is very expensive (count $ 8,000 for a week in the hospital);

The steps that I advise you to follow to summarize this article:

Look at prices of airline tickets on the Internet with your dates and if possible, choose dates not precise, prices can be very different from one day to another.

Go to an agency, made in 2 or 3 for example, and do the same thing: I want to leave on such date, to Costa Rica (San Jose), and not to go through the United States. What do you offer me in hours, stopover (1 or 2) and travel time (average 15 hours of travel) and at what price?

Choose the agency or an Internet ticket.  Pay and you will receive after confirmation of payment your electronic tickets, to print and to present 2 to 3 hours before the departure time, directly at the time of the registration (no need to exchange it for a real ticket). If there are changes, they will be sent to you by e-mail.

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