How to Choose Blog Name Related to Your Theme or Activity

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You’ve already thought of everything: colors, layout, types of content, categories, images … and here comes a question that leaves you confused: “And the name, how to choose name for blog according to your theme?”

We all know the importance of a name that choosing a good or bad name can be one of the determining factors between the success or failure of a product, company and even a person. In all these cases, obviously not the only thing that weighs, but having a good name for personal or professional blog can significantly help for results (whether positive or negative).

While some rare people have a natural gift for naming choices, many find this to be one of the most difficult tasks when creating your product or business. The purpose of this article is to pass on tips to help you in this task, allowing you to create a blog with a nice name and to help you get the question of how to create blog name in a flawless way!

Choose the name of the blog related to your theme or activity

As you are starting a blog, you have probably already defined the main subjects that this blog intends to address, right? Even if these issues are not 100% closed (which is natural since you are still planning the same), you have the macro view of what these issues will be and this information is crucial in choosing the name of your blog.

The initial step in creating a blog name is to make a list of all words related to your field of action. Do this by combining several words, in different orders.

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If your list is too large, try to separate the ones that everyone usually uses to refer to your subject and rank them according to your preference. Also, check out our domain name service – Reg-names.

If your problem is the opposite, you can search for keywords using the keyword planner Google Adwords and Google Insights, all give you a list of suggestions for terms related to your line of action based on searches conducted on the internet. It is a very long theme (not necessarily complex).

The fact is that web domain registration with a relevant word in your name (domain) can significantly help a good positioning in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and consequently favor in the organic traffic of your blog.

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