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How to Apply Wall Decal on Your Wall to Make Your House Look Beautiful

Wall decals are really awesome, right? Have you bought some for your rooms? If this is the first time you are using these stickers, you need to follow certain essential things. If you have bought framed paintings for the living room, then you need to make holes for hanging or attaching the frame. But, for wall decals, you need different things. Like framed wall art for the living room, you don’t need to damage your wall while applying wall decals. Now, let’s have a look at the processes of applying wall decals.

Things You Will Need

To attach wall stickers on the walls, you are going to need to following objects-

  • Scissors
  • Level
  • Masking tape
  • Tape measure

Things Your Wall Sticker Comes with

A wall decal or sticker comes with the following parts-

  • The sticker
  • Backing paper
  • Transfer paper

How to Clean the Wall

First, you need to make sure where will you going to attach the wall décor. Once you decide the place, you need to make sure the wall is completely dry. You can also wipe the wall with rough paper to make it dry. There is vinyl with the stickers that will not stick to the wall if the surface is not dry. Also, make sure the wall is not newly painted. If it is, you need to wait a month for the paint to dry well, otherwise, the sticker will not stick to the wall.

Placing the Decal

Once you are sure about the dryness, the next step comes to stick the decal-

  • Place the sticker, without moving the backing paper on the wall where you want to attach it.
  • Take the masking tape and create a hinge in the middle of the wall sticker.
  • Thus, you can keep the wall decal at the place and also keep your hands free.
  • Before final application, take the measurement of the place well with measuring tape and also use your eyes to figure out how the decal will look at that certain place.
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Removing the Back Paper

This is a job of jobs. You have to be very careful while removing the backing paper so that the adhesive doesn’t stick on your hands-

  • Hold the decal well and start removing the backing paper from one corner. Fold the back paper onto itself so that there is no decal sticking. Removing like any other sticker won’t help you much.
  • Through the hinge method, removing the backing is easy as you can secure the corner with a fold and remove easily.
  • You can always cut off the backing paper while removing if it creates a problem for you.

Place It on the Wall

  • Now, remove the transfer tape and place the sticker on the wall.
  • Press the sticker gently at every side and attach it well on to the wall.

Here, you get to know how to apply wall décor on the walls. Make sure, you should not apply them on textured walls. Also, there are some rough walls where you should not attach wall decors.

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