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Aesthetic Homes: The Most Sought after Home Features Homebuyers are Looking for

Much like how you have been very meticulous in choosing your first home, so would potential homebuyers be. In this regard, ensuring that your house wo

Much like how you have been very meticulous in choosing your first home, so would potential homebuyers be. In this regard, ensuring that your house would not only catch the attention of prospective buyers but keep it as well would be in your best interest as a home seller. No doubt, real estate competition is stiff and rigid, so you would have to take the necessary measures to ensure that your property for sale would captivate potential buyers. Of course, one of the primary selling points of a home would be a competitive price tag, but sometimes an affordable fetching price alone would not suffice to sway prospective buyers into making you an offer. These days’ homebuyers have become a bit more thorough in sifting through potential properties by choosing and only considering homes that have a very distinct set of features.

These most sought-after features are either time honored while there are those of them that are a bit more contemporary.Having an awareness of what these features are would put you in an advantageous position wherein you can make the necessary changes to your home that would result to attracting more buyers (and consequently, more offers). With these features present, you can leverage the price and even increase it. So, if you have a house and lot for sale in Laguna or are planning to sell real estate property elsewhere, here are some of the features most prospective homebuyers are clamoring for:

  • Open floor plan

Your prospective homeowners would want to buy a home that although traditional, gives them the liberty to freely move between rooms. Homes that capitalize on connected living with forced compartmentalized rooms (separated by own walls and doors) are now considered obsolete. Today is the era of open plan living where there is no interruption in the flow of the living area towards the kitchen. Although homeowners still want a semblance of cohesion about their homes, it is not to a point wherein they would feel restricted and boxed in. Having the liberty to move around is paramount to them.

  • Hardwood flooring

Sophisticated and elegant are two things one can use to characterize hardwood flooring. A true classic, this is one of those features that prospective homeowners would immediately look into when it comes to considering a home. This is because hardwood flooring complements open floor plan environments whereas wall to wall carpets would only make it appear awkward.

  • Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home for many reasons. With this in mind, it would only be natural for prospective homebuyers to look for a kitchen that would suit their potential needs. While updated kitchens may sway potential homebuyers, modern kitchens would almost certainly guarantee you an offer. Large islands, granite countertops and hardwood floors are all aspects that would make a kitchen stand out. Furthermore, islands should be big enough that it can serve as a cooking area as well as a place for eating and entertainment.

  • More than enough storage

In a home, you can never have enough storage—particularly if you are looking to expand your family. You hate clutter and there is a likely chance that your potential homebuyers will as well. So, how do you ensure that your home stays clutter-free? Or at least prevent clutter from overwhelming your space? Have enough storage! An abundance of storage is always welcome and in whatever form it is available. Whether that be plenty of closets, cupboards as well as a separate laundry room with linen closets or a pantry, having more than enough storage is always welcome.

  • Multi-functional space

It is not enough that your homes be visually and aesthetically appealing. It should be functional as well—so much so that one space should be dedicated to a myriad of functions and not confined to a single purpose only. Having a multi-functional space that could serve as an office, game loft, recreational space or a study area is very much welcome. It should be an area totally separate from the open living setting and the bedrooms and where home dwellers can dedicate the space to whatever they wish.