Why Choose HIKVISION 4MP IP Camera for Surveillance?

Not much long ago, HIKVISION 4MP IP Camera for surveillance cameras were only used in businesses, parking garages and government agencies, as they we

Not much long ago, HIKVISION 4MP IP Camera for surveillance cameras were only used in businesses, parking garages and government agencies, as they were not affordable for the average household. So, most people did not consider them as an option. But now they are more affordable than ever and people have also realised that to boost the overall safety and security of their business or home, video surveillance and security cameras are a must.

But finding the best security camera is not as simple as it seems. There are many different surveillance cameras to consider in the market and you need to compare features of different models to determine which will work best for you. 

A good surveillance camera system should meet few key elements such as reliability, ease of use, easy installation and clear view. One such brand that meets all these key features is Hikvision. Hikvision is a well known Chinese brand that was established in 2001 and produces all sorts of CCTV equipment such as IP cameras, HD analog cameras, analytics software and alarm systems. 

Among CCTV cameras, Hikvision IP cameras are the future of surveillance industry, as they convert the input received in the form of images and audio into data that can be transmitted over a secure internet connection. Let us have a more detailed view at why you should choose Hikvision 4mp IP cameras for surveillance.

Benefits of Hikvision 4MP IP Cameras

Hikvision provide their customers with a huge variety of security cameras with a wide range of features, including high image quality, high-tech camera design and affordable price. In short, Hikvision equipment are customizable as per your budget and requirements, ensuring you a security system that suits your business.

  1. Multiple Sensors: Hikvision 4MP IP cameras contain three or four cameras in one, that means they are able to cover a wider area that would normally be covered by multiple analog cameras. Basically, it’s like using four analog cameras that go in as one signal through one cable into your system. Although they will cost you more initially than normal analog cameras, you will need less of them to cover that same area.
  1. Resolution: This is the biggest advantage of Hikvision 4MP IP camera. High resolution means better picture quality. Higher the amount of megapixels, better the resolution of image will be. This camera features 4MP resolution capacity that allows you to digitally zoom into a pre-recorded image without pixilating. It gives you picture clarity similar or higher than a full HD TV. 
  1. Intelligence and Analytics: This Hikvision 4MP IP camera comes with inbuilt feature of analytics software, so there is no need to buy and install it separately. They are just like mini computers that perform all intelligent tasks on its own, such as compressing and storing videos, counting people, detecting motion, tracking every single movement, and even setting off alarms.  
  1. Ease of Installation: Generally, all IP cameras from Hikvision are very simple to install. Normally an analog camera requires two wires during installation, whereas Hikvision IP camera uses only one single wire for both power and data that connects to a network switch. Once it is installed and positioned at your choice of angle, you can operate it remotely from your workplace or home. 
  1. Expandable: Hikvision 4MP IP camera security systems are expandable, that means if you are able to afford only few IP cameras at the beginning, there is no need to worry. You can add on new more cameras later on whenever your business expands and you need additional security.
  1. Much affordable: Few years back, IP cameras used to be very expensive and only limited section of society was able to use them. But now they have become much affordable than ever. Now an average household person can also install a basic version of Hikvision 4MP IP cameras in a reasonable amount of money. Moreover, less number of IP cameras are required than analog cameras to do the same job, so you save your money.


Looking at all the above features and benefits, it’s quite clear that IP cameras are dominating the CCTV market. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your analog cameras to Hikvision 4MP IP cameras, then consider all these benefits while taking the decision. Also, consider the storage and level of technicality that is required for using IP surveillance cameras. But don’t plan to invest into analog cameras, it would be of no use.

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