Here’s How To Check Your Kisan Credit Card Balance

The Kisan Credit Card or KCC Scheme was launched in the year 1998 as a means to extend substantial credit to farmers at affordable interest rates. I

The Kisan Credit Card or KCC Scheme was launched in the year 1998 as a means to extend substantial credit to farmers at affordable interest rates. Its prime motive has been to help cultivators bear the expenses better and boost the agricultural sector consequently.

To make the most of this scheme, the beneficiaries must make it a point to learn about the various aspects of this credit-linked facility. 

Steps to check credit card balance 

By following these ways, beneficiaries of KCC Scheme can check their credit balance easily –

  1. Call the customer helpline number of your Kisan Credit Card provider.
  2. Provide essential details related to your KCC account.

At all times, credit card users should make it a point to provide accurate information to streamline the process better and to obtain correct details. As an alternative, individuals can visit their designated credit card company’s branch and gather required information related to their credit card balance.

Those who seek to avail a Kisan Credit Card or any other credit card can apply for one in a few simple steps. Further, they should opt for a reliable NBFC that facilitates the process and makes it less cumbersome and convenient. 

Steps to follow to apply for a KCC

Here’s how one can apply for a KCC in 3 simple steps –

  1. Check the eligibility criteria

Individuals who belong to these categories would be deemed eligible to avail a Kisan Credit card –

  • Individual farmer who is an owner-cultivator.
  • Joint borrowers who are owner-cultivators.
  • Joint Liability Group or Self-Help Group of farmers.
  • Share croppers, tenant farmers and oral lessees among others.

Similarly, individuals should learn about the conditions that accompany these criteria. Following this, they should also learn about the set of documents required to back their eligibility. 

2. Required documents

Eligible candidates are required to submit these documents to proceed with their application process –

  • A Kisan Credit Card application form that contains accurate information.
  • Identity proof like Aadhaar card, Voter ID, PAN card, etc.
  • Address proof like Driving License, Aadhaar card, Voter ID, utility bills, etc.
  • Documents that serve as a proof of land ownership.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Post-dated cheque.

Additionally, an applicant should understand that the documents required may vary from one institution to another. Therefore, to streamline it better, they need to check the set of documents that has to be submitted to their choice of NBFC in advance. Doing so, they would be better equipped for the application process. 

3. Application process

Lastly, they should learn about the steps involved in the application process and complete them accordingly. Notably, one can apply for a Kisan Credit Card both online and offline –

i. Online application procedure

Step 1 – Visit the website of a trusted NBFC.

Step 2 – Look for ‘Kisan Credit Card’ option.

Step 3 – Click on ‘Apply now’.

Step 4 – Provide all the required information on the application page.

Step 5 – Click on ‘Submit’ to generate your reference number.

Additionally, they should learn about the ways to check their credit card application status to stay updated about the entire situation.

In the case cardholders able to do so, they can avail expert’s assistance for it. For instance, they can opt for different ways to activate their credit card through customer care services. 

ii. Offline application procedure

One can apply for KCC by simply visiting the nearest branch of their choice of financial institutions with the required set of documents and proof of eligibility. 

Interested individuals can look for other card options like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard and learn about the different ways they can maximise their utility through it. By contacting the customer service of one’s designated financial institution, customers can check Credit Card balance successfully. Further, by opting for a leading NBFC which follows a simple application process, they can apply for a credit card easily.

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