Has the World of Liposuction Changed?

While the world was googling before and after photos of cosmetic procedures by searching for results for breast reduction London, Rhinoplasty London

While the world was googling before and after photos of cosmetic procedures by searching for results for breast reduction London, Rhinoplasty London or even hair transplant Harley Street, there was one cosmetic procedure that changed while we weren’t even paying that much attention. Yes, we’re talking about liposuction London! More often than not thinking about the pain, cost and recovery period, liposuction was left for the wealthy, glamorous or morbidly obese and that has been so since liposuction hit the market in the 80s. Sure people have heard about it and now the basic need for the procedure and the changes it brings, but apart from that they do hold what can only be called archaic notions about it.

Liposuction in London has actually seen considerable game changers in the past three decades and here’s all that you need to know about the procedure as it stands now:

  • Liposuction in London is Much Safer Now and Doesn’t Have to Always need General Anaesthesia:

Yes, you read that right! The numbers are in and right now it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures now. People have been removing unwanted fat from their arms, legs, necks stomach thighs – well you name it and yes they’ve gotten liposuction done on them. Some of the advances made in Liposuction London include procedures like Tumescent Liposuction, which actually isn’t a very appealing name however the procedure is likely to have saved a whole lot of lives. It has dramatically cut back on the amount of bloodless and even the need for fine-tuning the procedure. 

In the past, surgeons had to go in dry into the body tissue, which would end up in a lot of blood-loss and also bruising – so much so that many a time blood transfusion used to be needed in Liposuction in London. Once tumescent liposuction came into the picture, what it does is that it delivers fluid that contains lidocaine which is numbing agent along with saline (saltwater), and epinephrine to the area that is being treated. This process ends up hardening the fat deposits, making them considerably easier to remove. The epinephrine cocktail actually helps in eliminating bleeding to a great extent as it ends up narrowing the blood vessels. In a lot of Liposuction in London cases, because of this advancement, a general anaesthetic is actually not used and what’s better is that the doctors can do the touching before you leave the operation theatre.

  • Liposuction in London is Now Even Gentler on Your Body: In the past liposuction would end up being very taxing, not only on the patients but the doctor as well. Now with power-assisted Liposuction in London, all the extra effort that had to go in etc. motion, it has been considerably reduced. Instead of having to rely on their hands, the added vibrations that are given, help in an even, smoother procedure, which ultimately means, better results and a shorter recovery time for the patient.
  • The Treatment is Now Custom Made for all the Different Areas of Your Body:  Cannulas are thin and hollow tubes that when attached to a vacuum pump, end up sucking out the fat. They now come in various shape and sizes, which can help in addressing all the different kind of problem areas of your body, the point is to now use the right cannula for the right procedure. From various shaped and sized to various angles – be it sharp, angles, blunt-tipped, you name it, Liposuction in London has it!
  • Your Skin Now Looks Better Post the Procedure: In the past, the more the fat was suctioned out, the worse the skin would look, this is one of the reasons why people would think twice about getting liposuction done! Now with new interventions in technology, the surgeons can remove as much fat as they want without having to risk any kind of contour deformity. The trick here is Fat equalisation as the last step wherein all the residual fat is made into a smoothie so to say, which is then evenly distributed covering all the contours like a month blanket, thus giving the best aesthetic results.
  • Your Skin is Actually Tightened: All assisted procedures for Liposuction in London techniques assure that they break up fat so that it can dislodge easier and the trauma hence is much lesser with lesser bleeding. Take the example of radio frequency Liposuction in London there in radiofrequency is used to break up fat before it’s removed. This leaves the temperature of the skin heightened and stimulates the production of collagen in the body, which ends up producing a better tightening effect for the skin. Same is the case with other assisted liposuction options like Vaser and Laser liposuction etc. which tighten your skin in the process by producing collagen.
  • The Fat Can Be Used for Your Benefit: Water assisted Liposuction in London removes all the unwanted fat, with lesser trauma and bruising, which means that the fat can be eventually used to plum up other areas of the body where you feel that the volume is lacking, for example, breasts, butt or face. The water helps in losing the fat cells from the connective tissue as the fat is removed and a large volume of fat can be removed for breast or butt enhancement.

There are so many ways that cosmetic science has moved forward and Liposuction in London is not the same procedure as it used to be. With more and more people wanting to enhance their bodied be it by doing Hair transplant at Harley Street, Rhinoplasty in London or even a breast reduction in London, all we know is that in the good hands of a reputable London clinic your dreams of bodily perfection can all come true.