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Group discussion topics for MBA

Are you an MBA aspirant looking to get admission into one of the best MBA colleges in India?Well, then you need to devote your effort in pre

Are you an MBA aspirant looking to get admission into one of the best MBA colleges in India?

Well, then you need to devote your effort in preparing for the GD round and personal interview since they will be a major factor in deciding what college you get. Yes written exam is equally important but once you have scored good enough to get shortlisted for the best colleges, every other candidate is as talented as you are and a GD is where you can outperform them face to face. So, today I will be discussing in detail about how the GD round is conducted and what topics you need to be well-aware with for this academic sessions GD round.

Most MBA colleges have a similar pattern for group discussion round. GD topics are broadly divided into four section which includes:

GD Topics division:

1. Business & Economy: 

Business and economy is the very core of an MBA degree and even the full-form of MBA is Masters in Business Administration. And therefore, this section needs extra attention. You’ll need to be well-prepared with all the happenings in the finance, business and economy topics including how different policies affect the economy and other business processes.

Not only for interview purposes but also when organisations come for hiring potential MBA graduates, offering them high positions within the organisation, knowledge of business and how it affects the economy plays a vital role. No company wants their managers to take decisions without knowing how it will impact the company. And that’s what makes this section beneficial even in the long run.

Popular Business & Economy Topics

  • Huawei, China and the USA: Trade talks
  • Economic Slowdown and Unemployment
  • Employee well-being
  • Rising popularity of Startup and entrepreneurship 
  • Brexit and its economical impact on global economy/Indian economy

2. Current Affairs(National and International):

Never miss out on current affairs whenever you are appearing for any competitive exam.    

And MBA is no different as current affairs are always a topic of group discussions, even in our normal day to day life both at work and home. So, one should be well-versed with the current happening in and around the world. 

Day to day events affect businesses in various ways. Strategic planners possess a key skill to link different events taking place around the world back to their organisation. And companies reward such employees with handsome packages.

So start practicing from now and inculcate the habit of reading daily news.

Popular Current Affairs Topics

  • Delhi Violence: The dirty face of divide and rule politics
  • Delhi Election: Who marketed better?
  • CAA, CAB and NRC: The real truth
  • Implementation of Section 370
  • Corruption in India
  • Secularism- Does it really exist?
  • Financial Budget 2020
  • Chandrayaan 2
  • Hyedrabad gang rape encounter
  • Digital India or disturbed India?

3. Social Issues:

This section includes topics which mainly focus on societal issues like environment, climate change, gender equality and more. This section judges the candidate’s social skills. It also informs the selection panel of an individual’s thought process regarding the people around(society). Never miss out on this section.

They say empathy is not good for the business but knowing how their team members feel and helping them get out of any troubles is what great leaders do. And therefore, social is the key to becoming great leaders. 

Popular Social Issues Topics

  • Delhi Air Pollution-Killing from inside
  • Climate Change
  • Rising health issues
  • CoronaVirus
  • Patriarchy
  • Poverty
  • Overpopulation
  • Plastic Ban

4. Abstract Topics:

This is an interesting section which focuses mainly on the candidate’s creativity and how s/he interprets any situation. Abstract topics don’t basically have a right or wrong side instead it’s based on one’s personal opinion and thinking.

Abstract topics basically tell a lot about the person’s psychology and personal opinions on various topics. Yes personal opinions are limited to an individual but it shows a lot about how an individual would react to different real-life scenarios, after all opinions are what turn into actions when power is given to an individual. Also, opinions reflect one’s ethics and upbringing. And not to forget personal opinions do change with knowledge. Therefore, abstract group discussion section is an important one and shouldn’t be overlooked. Good managers think about the team first.

Popular Abstract Topics

  • Feminism- Gender equality or gender dominance
  • Aspire or Inspire
  • Reservation System
  • Does power make you corrupt?
  • Smart work or hard work
  • Is India still a third world country?
  • Nepotism in Bollywood


It’s already high time and soon IIMs will start conducting their GD rounds and one can significantly leave a mark on the selection panel if s/he is aware of the topics. Yes one can’t  know what topics will be asked but preparation will always help in improvising. So don’t wait any longer and use your internet connection to its full potential and get ready to become a leader.

All the best guys!! 

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