Gain Business Success by Outsourcing to India Based Call Centers

In order to meet ever rising expectations of customers, companies need to invest time, money, right talent, technology, and right strategy simultaneou

In order to meet ever rising expectations of customers, companies need to invest time, money, right talent, technology, and right strategy simultaneously. Failure to comply with any factor may lead to unexpected results. Owing to the fact, companies reducing their burden by following the suit to outsource customer support to reputed and professional service vendors.

Besides reducing the overall cost of business operation, outsourcing non-core business functions help in improving customer satisfaction and allows business to stay focused on core business competencies. It is due to the fact most of the companies outsource multilingual customer support services or inbound call center services.  

India: Top Outsourcing Destination in Asia

India has emerged as one of the top BPO destinations where reputed western companies are setting up their offshore call center services or hiring outsourcing services from Indian service providers.

Reasons are many ranging from specialized industry knowledge, utilizing the best technology and infrastructure facilities to offering quality services at affordable prices.

Talented Manpower: India based call centers hire talented manpower with exceptional English speaking abilities. Even numbers of people with fluency in multiple languages are astonishing. This gives an upper edge to call centers as they successfully create comfort level for international customers by connecting them with native language speakers

Round-the-Year Services Available – Customers want immediate resolutions of their queries. Running in-house call center round-the-clock is a distant dream for most of the global organizations. Here, India gets advantage. Geographically, India is 5 and 12 hours ahead of Europe and the US and this “time zone” difference allows India to offer offshore call center services 24*7*365 to International customers.  

Cost Reduction – In-house call centers demand capital, manpower, infrastructure and technology. This increases overhead expenses of the company substantially. Outsourced service vendors have pre-existing set up and they share training, equipment and facility cost with many clients, thus able to offer services at a reduced cost.

Flexible and Scalable- Call Centers like LiveSalesman offer flexible call centre outsourcing solutions to suit varied business needs. Whether you are looking for round the clock support , for limited hours, or for outside business hours only, you can choose as per your business requirements. The biggest advantage is you can easily scale up or scale down at competitive prices as your business needs change. LiveSalesman has over 18 years of experience in managing customer support and call center services for various small, medium and large sized businesses.

Focus on your core competencies- Outsourcing your customer support allows you and your team to focus on functions that are essential to your business growth such as business development. Also, outsourced call centres are experts at handling customer support as this is their ore competency so you need not worry about your customer support either. They have a very good understanding on how to navigate through complicated customer service issues. Customer issues are also promptly handled when you outsource, which may not be the case when you handle customer support in-house. It can easily take a backseat amongst other priorities.

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