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Discover the new way of construction: Sustainable energy efficient buildings

There are a wide variety of buildings all over the world, and some of them are taller than others, have designs that you would only have thought you c

There are a wide variety of buildings all over the world, and some of them are taller than others, have designs that you would only have thought you could see in the movies, or have accessories that a conventional building block would never have. However, there is one model of building that is gaining the most recognition in recent years, and it is known as energy sustainable.

One way is to create buildings that are sustainable in terms of energy, which will strike the necessary balance between architecture and nature.

What is a sustainable building?

The construction of a sustainable building has certain characteristics that improve the quality of life of the location in which it is located. To achieve this, the level of energy efficiency must be high, so it is necessary to reduce energy and water consumption, as it must be as non-polluting as possible.

The main objective of a sustainable building is that human needs are met without damaging the environment, and it seems to be working. To achieve this, its construction uses materials that have been recycled and are reusable, and also takes into account the orientation in which the building must be located in order to enjoy natural light in all or most of the house. A good way of getting solar energy other than conventional energy is to place solar panels on the roofs of these buildings.

Another essential requirement for a building to be energy sustainable is that it must be located in a place where it does not affect the environment and that it is accessible by public transport and not by car.

Some examples of sustainable buildings around the world

As mentioned above, there are currently a large number of sustainable buildings around the world, and some of them are:

  • The Bosco Verticale Tower (Milan, Italy). Opened in 2014 for purely residential use, this flat block was designed by the Italian architect Stefano Boeri. It has an area where hundreds of trees can be planted inside to ensure the best air quality inside the building.
  • The Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). This museum has many characteristics of the style of the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, including the reflecting pools, its skeletal structure and the cantilevered roof. The building is covered by scales and has a system of pumps to draw water directly from the Guanabara Bay, keeping the temperature inside the building cool.
  • Wynn Las Vegas (Las Vegas, USA). Recognized as the 5th most expensive building in the world. The Wynn Las Vegas Resort opened in 2005, just 20 years ago. However, it is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world. With the idea of helping the planet and reducing its electricity bills, the hotel decided to install solar panels. Today, it is one of the buildings with the most solar panels on its roof in the entire United States. However, even reducing its energy consumption is still harmful. More and more people are turning to online casinos as a more efficient means of entertainment. Providers such as VSO offer more than 10,000 classic games such as slots, poker and roulette. In order to attract new customers, online casinos use the best free spins. You can choose between no deposit, deposit or even Deposit with free spins. In entertainment it’s easy to help the environment: choose your bonus, register at the casino of your choice and enjoy your favorite games.

Other sustainable buildings

Some more examples of these sustainable buildings that seem to have landed from the future could be the Pixel in Melbourne, Australia, which has a large number of solar panels on its roof to generate its own energy. They can also store and produce the water they use.

The latest is the Turning Torso skyscraper in the Swedish city of Malmö, also by Santiago Calatrava. At 190 meters high, it uses entirely renewable energy, and each flat has its own electricity meter. They also have their own organic waste landfills to convert waste into energy.

It is clear that we are already living in the future, and we are seeing that sustainability can also go hand in hand with producing works of art.