Furnace Troubleshooting: What To Do Before Calling For Repairs

Do you think that you need furnace repair in Calgary? Before you decide to call a professional, you should try to go through some simple troubleshoot

Do you think that you need furnace repair in Calgary? Before you decide to call a professional, you should try to go through some simple troubleshooting. Doing so, will let you know whether you actually need a professional or you can fix the problem yourself. Here is a quick guide to follow:

1. Clear Out Your Filter

If your furnace has trouble getting warmed up or isn’t producing much heat, it may be because your furnace filter is clogged. The clog may be absorbing all of the heat and preventing it from passing through your home. Start by turning off your furnace and looking for your filter. If you find a lot of dust or other buildup, like debris, it’s time that you replace your filter.

2. Reset Your Circuit Breaker

Is your furnace not starting up at all? When your home uses more power than it can handle, the circuit on your breaker might turn off. This, in turn, leads to your circuit shutting off power to your furnace. Try to see which circuits were flipped off, and then flip it back on and start up your furnace again.

3. Make Sure the Thermostat is Set Correctly

Sometimes homeowners make careless mistakes with their thermostat. They either forget to turn it on or assume it’s not working when the batteries have run out. Start by trying to turn it on and replacing the batteries if the thermostat doesn’t respond. If it does turn on, make sure that the thermostat settings are turned to heat settings. The furnace will not heat your home if it’s on the cool setting.

4. Check to See if Vents are Closed

In many cases, homeowners see that the furnace is working but isn’t doing an efficient job in heating their home. The problem may be attributed to the vents being closed. Go to each of the rooms in the home and make sure that the vents are open. The vents should never have been closed in the first place as it allows pressure to build up. This can lead to your furnace being damaged over time.

5. Check for the Safety Switch

Did you know that furnaces have safety switches? These safety switches prevent the furnace from being turned on while somebody is working on it. Most safety switches are on the furnace door, so start by turning it off. Then close the door, and test your furnace again. If it’s not working, then it’s time to call the professionals. 

These are some of the things to troubleshoot before you call a professional for repairs. Don’t make the mistake of wasting money on hiring a professional if the problem can be fixed by yourself. At the same time, it might be a good idea to call a professional for maintenance if your furnace hasn’t been checked for a long time. And if you do find that none of these troubleshooting procedures has helped, it may finally be time for new furnace installation in Calgary.