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Fastest way to rent or sell your property in Thailand

property in Thailand

Real estate in Thailand attracts potential buyers from around the world who are looking for beachfront villas, apartments and condos for long term stays and vacation rentals. The pleasant climate and strategic location of Thailand makes it a preferred holiday and investment destination. Its several islands offer beautiful properties which are up for sale and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Once you decide to rent or sell your property in Thailand the first thing you must do is advertise it online on different real estate websites with good quality images of the property. It is recommended to hire a professional photographer who can click high resolution pictures of the interiors and surroundings to help buyers understand the ambiance of the property. The online presence of the property is bound to attract serious buyers making it attractive from an investment standpoint.

If your property requires renovation then you must set aside a budget to carry our repairs and upgrade your property before putting it up for sale or rent. A newly renovated property is bound to attract more buyers as they don’t have to spend on its refurbishing and interiors. Do not inflate the price of your property too much as it will distract the genuine buyers and you might find it difficult to sell it. Reasonably priced Thailand houses are sold faster as compared to high priced properties. If you have a house for sale in Phuket then it is advisable to hire a trustworthy real estate agent who can clinch the deal for you.

A well maintained house in Thailand can be rented out or sold in no time as the buyers find it easy to buy a property which is in good condition. A buyer is put off with a property that could potentially be a dream home just because it was not well kept. You don’t have to stick to one real estate agent to sell your property in Thailand. You can approach multiple agents and list your property on their websites for better visibility. Real estate agencies often have clients who are actively looking for a property like yours. Post and promote your property on social media platforms like facebook, instagram  and youtube to enhance its global presence.

Do not leave your property vacant if it is taking long to find a suitable buyer and instead put it on rent as it will be better maintained and get you some return on investment. Post the positive reviews of the tenants about your property on social media which will generate considerable interest amongst the prospective buyers. Feature your property in real estate magazines and create a blog to get the buyers interested in taking a look at your property. Once a buyer shows interest in buying your property in Thailand, educate him about the real estate laws of the country and legalities involved in signing the deal. The prospective buyer must be made aware of the clear trail of funds coming into Thailand and how to open a bank account for the property transaction.    

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