Effective Workout Plan for People with Limited Time

If most of you are like me juggling between work and workout, picking up kids and running for that important meeting and just getting as little as jus

If most of you are like me juggling between work and workout, picking up kids and running for that important meeting and just getting as little as just 30 minutes to an hour for the workout in the gym, you decide to turn around. However, this shouldn’t be, don’t let lack of time stop you from staying in shape and improving your fitness level. You should make exercise a top priority, but if work, family or other obligations seem to take all your time, you’ll need a full body workout routine that’s fast, intense and effective.  However, if you are not able to get started with it, then worry not, I am here to help.

Here is the most effective workout plan for you.


Deadlift is a weight training exercise in which barbell weights are lifted off the ground to the level of the hips, then lowered to the ground. This is the most complex exercise or movement that you can do in the gym. This movement requires lot coordination; it will build up your entire back muscles, improve your posture, your grip as well as develop your core and burn out a lot of calories during the workout. This particular exercise will make you grow stronger and bigger.


Why dips, you may ask. The answer is, you can target a lot of upper body muscles with just one exercise and it doesn’t require any specialised equipment to perform it. However, in order to make the most out of a dip workout, you should be aware that it is a compound movement for building muscle when compared to isolation or single joint exercises. With dips, depending on the variation you can target your triceps and chest. Secondly, you can adjust the intensity and difficulty of the exercise. You can add more bumper weights or can subtract weight by using a machine, in case you are a beginner.

Front Squats

front squats

The front squat is an extremely powerful exercise, even better than deadlift. It works more on your quads and also requires that you have good lower body flexibility, especially in your ankles and knees. Front squats will also develop your posture because you will need to hold all the weight on the front side of your shoulders. For this, you need to have perfect posture and your back should be straight up, ribcage must open up wide and you will also need to have a strong abs/core and back muscles in order to stabilise the weight.

Front squats are also a great exercise for activating the glutes, because of the positioning of the weight in the front part of your body.


chin ups Lastly, chin-up is a great exercise that together with the dips will complement your upper body workout perfectly. You can work your entire upper body with just these two exercises. Variations in pulling up your bodyweight to the bar will develop your biceps, your back and rear delts putting more or less emphasis on your biceps or on your back. The intensity can be adjusted by adding more weight or by decreasing rest periods between sets.

There you have it, these are the most effective workout exercises when you have less time on hand. However, you should not be doing all of them during the same workout, on the same day as these are compound movements that will consume a lot of energy. A good idea is to split them into a 2-day workout.   

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