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Unique text is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. One license you need to use autonomous text on every computer does not mean which operating syste

Unique text is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. One license you need to use autonomous text on every computer does not mean which operating system uses. The unique text uses a custom UI tool kit, optimized for speed and beauty, while taking advantage of local functionality on each platform.


Use just some gattoos to open files with just some histostero, and quickly jump on symbols, lines or words.

Stuck with Ctrl + P, it may be possible:

Type the part of a file name to open it.  How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca @Type to jump, # to search within the file, and: go to line number.
These shortcuts can be combined together, so TP @ RF can take you to a reader ref file within the textor server. Similarly, TP: 100 will take you to line 100 of the same file.

Multiple selections

Make ten changes at once, ten times no change. Multiple selection allows you to easily rename many lines, easily rename the variables and make the files faster than ever.

To try the next event of the word, try pressing Ctrl + Shift + L to divide the selections in the lines and Ctrl + Ds. To make multiple choices with the mouse, look at the column selection documents.

Command palette

The command palette has the status of individual functionality, such as by configuring, changing nudity and changing entry settings. With just some castrokes, you can find things you need to navigate through the menu or remember unusual key binding.

Show command palette with Ctrl + Shift + P

Preaching free mode

When you need to focus, there is an extended free mode to help you. Preaching free mode is full of fullscreen, Chrome-free modification, your text in the center of the screen. You can also be shown to UI elements in excess, such as tabs and search panels, as you need them.

You can enter the dropdown free mode view / register using the free mode menu.

Edit Edit

Get the most of your wide screen monitor with the support of distribution editing. Edit files, or edit two locations in a file. You can edit many rows and columns customized.

Take advantage of multiple monitors by editing multiple windows, and use multiple divisions in each window.

Look for the View / Layout menu for distribution modification options. To open multiple ideas in a file, use the file / item view in the File menu item.

Quick Project Switch

In specific text, projects have captured the complete workshop material including editing and unsupported files. You can switch through any project as well as projects, and the switch is instant, does not save any signal – all your edits will be restored after opening this project.

Anything custom

Key binding, menu, holidays, macros, completions and more – is just customizable with simple jss files about everything in unique text. This system gives you flexibility because the set-by-type and per-plan settings can be defined.

Plugin API

The unique text is a powerful, pioneer based plugin API. With the API, it comes with interactive use in real-time paddle console.

What is New:

Improvement of different synthetic features
Git: The user’s home-based Advanced GIT are ignoring the performance reasons for performance. This can be changed by allow_git_home_dir configuration.
Git: Better performance with a number of gateway stores in the sidebar
Git: Fixed UTF8 BOMs are not being handled correctly. in gitignore files
Fixed a crash in Git store handling com facebook orca error
Better file-related behavior in some scenes
Improved scroll logic in some ideas
Fixed block cartridges in changing route selection tasks
Fix swap_line_up and swap_line_down tabs in spaces
Mac: A glow for the MacOS problem with DisplayLink adapter is included
Lixed: Fixed compatibility with old Linux distribution
Linux: Better high DP handling under Cadie
Linux: Text scaling is handled as the way
Linux: Fixed invalid file ownership in debb packages
API: Set a sync with SublimeREPL
API: Fixed registration with phonomic interruptions with home / end behavior

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