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Discuss the various water purification methods

Water is an extremely component of human lives and for the earth also. The Human body is composed of 70% water, and 71% of the land is water, accordin

Water is an extremely component of human lives and for the earth also. The Human body is composed of 70% water, and 71% of the land is water, according to various researchers. Universal have different bodies of water, from seas, oceans, lakes, rivers and many more. The multiple researchers said that if global warming continues then the glaciers in the Arctic will melt, and water will envelop all terrestrial areas.

When the water is life then the purification of water is the mandatory. Water purification is the process by which unwanted chemical compounds, organic and inorganic materials and biological contaminants are taken out from the water. This procedure also includes refinement (convert liquid into vapour to condense and then back to fluid) and deionization (remove of ions through the taking out of dissolved salts). One of the primary motives of water purification is to provide the clean and purify drinking water and this purification also meets the needs of all medical, pharmacological, chemical and industrial applications for sterile and drinkable water. The process of purification eliminates the concentration of pollutants such as suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses and fungi. Water purification is carried out on scales from big (for example, for a whole city) to small (for example, for individual households). Local water supplies are treated to decrease the presence of various contaminants, like lead, particles of pollution and all these contaminants can enter into the water in various ways. Make sure that the water is well protected from contaminants. The aquafresh water purifier helps to eliminate contaminants that may have entered the drinking water and then in the human body.

Water purification methods

  1. Boil the water: – To boil the water is the cheap and safe method of water purification various water sources and / or distribution channels of water can make water unsafe. For example, parasites and germs are things that can’t see with the naked eye, but their effect on human health is long lasting with various diseases. In this method, clean water should be boiled and boiled for 1-3 minutes. For people who live in high altitude areas, it is recommendation for them to boil water for a longer time as compared to boiled water at lower altitudes. It is only because water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes and the boiled water should be covered and left to cool before drinking. For water drawn from the wells, allow the compounds to settle down in the water before filtering the clean water for drinking.
  2. Filtration of water: – Filtration of the water is one of the simplest and effective ways to purify water and, by using the correct multimedia filters; it is easy to eliminate water from the compounds. This method uses a simple chemical and physical procedure to purify the water and make it safe for human use. Filtration removes both large compounds and small, dangerous contaminants that is the origin of any disease with a rapid filtration process, Since the filtration does not exhaust all the mineral salts, the water that has been filtered is considered improved than that purified by any other method. It is one of the efficient ways of water purification that uses a chemical absorption process that effectively eliminates all major unwanted compounds from water. As Compared to reverse osmosis, filtration is useful when it comes to the selective removal of much smaller molecular compounds, such as chlorine and pesticides. The other important factor that makes filtration less pricey is that it does not require much energy needed in distillation and reverse osmosis. It is a cheap method of purification because little water is lost when the purification of water is done.
  3. Distillation of water:- Distillation is a method of water purification which uses heat to collect purified water in the form of steam. This method is effective because of the scientific fact that water has a lower boiling point than other pollutants and elements that cause diseases found in water. The water is subjected to a source of heat until it reaches its boiling point, Then it is left at the boiling point until it vaporizes. This steam is directed towards a condenser to cool. When cooled, the steam is reverted into liquid water that is clean and safe to drink. This method is very good in eliminating bacteria, germs, salts and other heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic. Distillation is ideal for people who have access to untreated raw water. This method has both good things and various cons. One notable thing is that it is a slow process of water purification, because it need to boiled water then need to cool the water then water is ready to use. In addition, it requires good source of heat to purify water. This procedure is only ideal (effective and less expensive) when small amounts of water are purified (Not suitable for large scale, commercial or industrial purification).

Drinking water is something very precious. Everyone who live on this planet has the right to have pure drinking water because water does not only helps a person to satisfy their thirst, but also offers healthy results to the body, in human body water intake is maximum. However, the natural source of water is decreasing day by day as the population is increasing and as a result it generating impure water supply. The simple fact of boiling does not guarantee freshness or germs free water. In the various cities, health-related problems such as cholera, typhoid fever and jaundice are rapidly increasing; young children are also affected by it and many more humans are dying with this also. Every year the number of dying people is increasing just because of the unhealthy water. For this reason, it is suggested to use aquafresh ro water purifiers. In addition to the marketing strategy, every house must understand that it is the need for safe and pure drinking water. Not only this is important for one person and lifestyle, but also everyone especially children and old age peoples as they come in contact with dust and air pollution every day. Water purification does not benefit only one person; it also benefits pets and plants. Watering the plants with purified water helps to reduce the plant from various plan disease, and they grow in a healthy way.